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Princeton University
Office of the Dean of the Faculty

Summary of Compensation, Service, and Benefit Plans and Programs for Professional Researchers, Specialists, and Librarians

December 2004 (Revised August 2013)


Arrangements for Payment of Salary

Salaries for monthly employees are paid at the end of each month for duties performed during the year.

Arrangements may be made with the Treasurer's Office for automatic deposit of salary payments in one of the banks in the area approved by Princeton for automatic deposit. Any questions about deductions or information concerning a change in deductions, including those for income tax, should be addressed to the Payroll Section, Treasurer's Office, 701 Carnegie Center, (609) 258-3082 .

Vacations, Holidays, and Sick Time

Professional Researchers, Specialists, and Librarians earn vacation at a rate of two work days for each month of service, resulting in 24 vacations days during each year of service. Part-time staff members accrue vacation at a rate that is prorated according to their work schedules. Up to 48 days may be accrued. Scheduling of vacation time is dependent on approval of the department chair, project leader, or supervisor, and is managed through the Human Resources self-service website.

Staff members who leave the service of the University and who have earned vacation which has not yet been taken will receive pay in lieu of vacation up to a maximum of 30 days unless they are supported on term funding. Individuals who leave without giving appropriate notice may forfeit this pay.

Official University holidays are announced prior to the beginning of the academic year. There are usually nine scheduled holidays.  In addition, employees have two personal days that must be taken in the fiscal year in which they are allocated and cannot be carried over into the following fiscal year. Part-time staff members who do not work a five-day week receive only those holidays occurring on a regularly scheduled work day. Since the Library does not close on all holidays, Library Staff members whose duties require them to be present on holidays may take compensatory time off.

The University provides employees with up to eight sick days per fiscal year. Sick days may be taken by employees for personal illness, injury or accident or for the care of a sick or injured immediate family member or resident member of the household.  Employees may roll over any portion of up to 8 unused sick days from the current fiscal year to the next fiscal year, up to a combined maximum of 16 days. Unused sick days are not compensated for upon termination of an employee. Sick days are managed through the Human Resources self-service website.

Reimbursement for Moving and Relocation Expenses

Professional Researchers and all members of the Professional Specialist ranks may be provided with a contribution toward moving and relocation expenses when first employed in accordance with policies approved by the Dean of the Faculty and acceptable to the outside sponsor of the research involved.

Leaves for Research and Scholarship

Under certain circumstances Professional Researchers and the University mutually benefit from research staff members' being relieved of regular research responsibilities--for example, to enable them to pursue new or unusual projects or to bring together the accomplishments of several related programs. Such activities should normally be funded from grants, contracts, or fellowships.   In instances where external funding is not available, the appointing department may choose to fund a leave at full salary for up to six months or at half salary for up to 12 months for members of the research staff.   All leaves for research and scholarship must be approved by the Dean of the Faculty.

Benefits Coverage during Leaves of Absence
The University is not permitted by the Internal Revenue Service to contribute to a staff member's retirement plan account during a leave of absence without pay. However, coverage in most other benefits plans continues during the months a staff member is on leave with or without pay. When a staff member is on leave without pay, he or she will be billed for the cost of benefits that are normally deducted from salary.

For more specific information, refer to the Status of Your Benefits During a Leave of Absence.

Outside Professional Activities

The general propriety of outside professional activities by Professional Researchers, Specialists, and Librarians is recognized, subject to the responsibility for timely and successful completion of the contract with which the individual is involved and the fulfillment of his/her other University responsibilities. For more specific information, see Section VI.C. of the Rules and Procedures of the Professional Researchers and Specialists of Princeton University or Section IV.C.3. of the Rules and Procedures of the Professional Library Staff of Princeton University.


Members of the Academic Professional Staffs whose duty time is 50 percent or greater for appointments of five months or more are normally eligible to participate in the benefit plans described in this section and administered through the Benefits Office in the Office of Human Resources..

The following links are for general information only. The University intends to continue each of the benefit plans. However, it reserves the right to terminate or amend any Plan at any time and for any reason.   Any inquiries on details of the benefit plans listed in this section should be addressed to the Office of Human Resources, 2 New South Building, (609) 258-3300. More detailed information may be found on the Benefits Web site (

Links below are provided for specific elements of Princeton's benefit plans.

Computing and Information Technology Programs
The Office of Information Technology (OIT) coordinates training on a wide variety of topics and presents special seminars on specific topics.   To review the current offerings, see (your userid and password are required). 

Benefits Plans for Visiting Staff

Normally, visiting researchers and specialists, postdoctoral research fellows, and visiting fellows whose appointments are 50% or greater duty time for five months or more are eligible to receive or purchase a simplified University employee benefits package. Detailed information on the packages is available from the Office of Human Resources.


Rental Housing

To encourage staff members to live close to the University, Princeton owns and manages over 600 rental units, including both houses and apartments, which it rents to eligible faculty.  

The rental housing program is administered by our Housing and Real Estate Services, 5 New South Building. Anyone wishing further information should contact the Housing Office at (609) 258-3125.

Mortgage Loan Program

The University also has a mortgage loan program to assist staff members in locating near the University. Through this program, Princeton offers mortgage financing, under policies and procedures established by the Board of Trustees, at advantageous rates and terms to eligible staff members for the purchase of homes within a nine-mile radius of the University.

This program is administered by our University Mortgages Services, 7 New South Building. Anyone considering applying for a mortgage loan should contact the UMS office at (609) 258-3123.


Athletic Facilities

Many of the major athletic facilities of the University are available to staff members and their families at specified times throughout the week for a fee. Detailed information about the purchase of permits, fees, and regulations covering the use of facilities may be obtained through the Jadwin gymnasium ticket office, (609) 258-3538.

Computer Facilities

Staff members are pre-assigned University Network IDs that allow access to the Internet, E-mail, and World Wide Web resources, as well as campus computing and network services. The ID also can be used by managers of departmental systems to extend access to those local resources.

The Office of Information Technology (OIT) offers a variety of in-office computing support services including hardware and software installation and troubleshooting. The OIT Help Desk assists staff with information on use of the campus and network resources (see Telephone and voice mail service and office connection to the campus television system also are available to staff through CIT, as are arrangements for audio-visual systems and services for special University events (contact Media Services at 258-3196).   A larger list of services and support available from OIT may be seen at

Credit Union

Princeton University Federal Credit Union (PUFCU) is a full service institution that has served the financial needs of the faculty and staff of Princeton University since 1972. PUFCU offers savings and checking accounts that earn competitive dividends. The National Credit Union Administration federally insures all members’ accounts up to $100,000. Low-rate loans are readily available to members of PUFCU and include Home Equity Loans/Lines of Credit, Personal Loans/Lines of Credit, New and Used Auto Loans, Computer Loans, and Shares Pledged Loans. Princeton University Federal Credit Union offers its members a variety of ways to access their accounts including the PUFCU ATM Card/VISA Check Card and CALL 24 Telephone Banking. Direct deposit/ACH and payroll deduction are also available.

PUFCU is a federally chartered, non-profit institution that is governed by its members. PUFCU is not open to the general public, but members of the faculty and staff of Princeton University, and members of their immediate family, are eligible for membership.

For more information contact PUFCU, located at 104 Carnegie Center, Suite 104 (see directions),  (609) 258-5038, e-mail, or access their Web site (

Cultural Opportunities

Notices of public lectures, concerts, dramatic performances, and exhibitions are listed in the Princeton Weekly Bulletin which is sent free of charge to all faculty and staff members at their home address. You may also access the Office of Communications Web site (

McCosh Health Center

The Employee Health Office, a unit of Princeton University Health Services in McCosh Health Center, is available to all full-time and part-time faculty and staff for work-related matters and limited other services. The following services are available:

  1. Allergy Services (call ext. 8-5035 for details of program and appointments; fee for service)
  2. Travel Immunizations (call ext. 8-5035 for information and appointments; faculty, staff and dependents over age 13 are eligible; fee for service unless it is a work-related and administered as part of medical treatment for work/occupationally related illness or injury)
  3. Other services (such as immunization services for non-work-related requirements or immunization updates upon recommendation of personal physician; call for information).
  4. Heart Smart Health Assessments (call ext. 8-5035 for more information).

The main contact number of the Employee Health Office is (609) 258-5035 and information is also available from their web site (


Parking is available through the University Parking Plan. Staff members are assigned a parking permit for an assigned numbered lot, not a specific space, and may apply for a decal in the TigerCard/Parking Office in the New South Building, A Level. Detailed parking and traffic regulations are issued at that time, and are available on their website ( Vehicles parked in campus lots must display a current decal.

Prospect Association

The Prospect Association operates Prospect House which provides facilities for dining and meetings for faculty and staff members, their families, and guests. Lunch and bar services are available Monday through Friday, and special dinners are served on dates announced during the year. Several private rooms and lounges are available for meetings and private lunches, dinners, and receptions. For reservations or more information, call (609) 258-3087.


All staff members are issued a TigerCard which establishes your University affiliation and serves as a photo ID card that certifies their University affiliation for purposes of general identification.   The TigerCard provides access to a variety of University facilities--such as  the Library, athletics facilities (access requires the purchase of a gym pass), McCosh Health Center, the Housing Office, and the Frist Campus Center Ticket Office.  In addition, the TigerCard may also be used as a debit card to buy food or photocopying services and to gain admittance to those campus buildings which are electronically secured.

Identification cards are also available to spouses, domestic partners, and dependents under the age of 25, who must show them in order to use University facilities. (An application and additional documents are required. Call the TigerCard Office, 609-258-5436, for additional information.)

University Community Childcare and Nursery School Resources

Information about childcare resources in and around the Princeton area can be found at

University Library

The services of the library are available to staff and their family members upon presentation of a valid Princeton University identification card. Users must register at the circulation desk before borrowing for the first time. Their Web site is

Visa Services

The Office of Visa Services provides assistance with visas and other immigration matters. This office is located at the Davis International Center, 87 Prospect Avenue, 1st floor. Further information on the services provided by this office may be obtained by visiting or calling the office directly at (609) 258-1451 or email