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2013 Job Market Candidates

Our 2013 job market candidates have already been placed.  Please come back October 24 for a listing of our 2014 job market candidates.

Placement Director:
Stephen Redding

Placement Assistant:
Laura Hedden

Job Market Candidate Summary Sheet             


Benjamin Brooks [cv] [webpage]
Research Interests: microeconomic theory, auctions, repeated games
Paper Title: "Surveying and Selling: Belief and Surplus Extraction in Auctions"
References: Dilip Abreu, Stephen Morris, Dirk Bergemann, Sylvain Chassang

Cheng Chen [cv] [webpage]
Research Interests: international economics, organizational economics, industrial organization, macro development, political economy
Paper Title: "Management Quality, Firm Organization and International Trade"
References: Gene Grossman, Stephen Redding, Esteban Rossi-Hansberg, Hideshi Itoh

Eliav Danziger [cv] [webpage]
Research Interests: international trade, macroeconomics, labor, public economics
Paper Title: "Skill Acquisition and the Dynamics of Trade-Induced Inequality"
References: Esteban Rossi-Hansberg, Gene Grossman, Stephen Redding

Lucia Del Carpio [cv] [webpage]
Research Interests: applied microeconomics, behavioral economics, development economics, political economy
Paper Title: "Are the Neighbors Cheating? Evidence from a Social Norm Experiment on Property Taxes in Peru"  
References: Roland Bénabou, Alex Mas, Angus Deaton

Josephine Duh [cv] [webpage]
Research Interests: development economics, health economics, labor economics
Paper Title: "Spillovers of AIDS Treatment on Maternal & Child Health Services in Sub-Saharan Africa" 
References: Angus Deaton, Jeffrey Hammer, Uwe Reinhardt

Zhenyu Gao [cv] [webpage]
Research Interests: asset pricing, behavioral finance, real estate economics
Paper Title: "Housing Boom and Bust with Elastic Supplies"
References: Wei Xiong, David Sraer, Wenli Li, Harrison Hong

Cecile Gaubert [cv] [webpage]
Research Interests: international trade, urban economics
Paper Title: "Firm Sorting and Agglomeration"
References: Esteban Rossi-Hansberg, Stephen Redding, Gene Grossman

Rohit Lamba [cv] [webpage]
Research Interests: mechanism design, economic theory, public finance, bubbles and market microstructure, economic policy in India
Paper Title: "Repeated Bargaining: A Mechanism Design Approach"
References: Stephen Morris, Marco Battaglini, Sylvain Chassang, Raghuram Rajan

Jay Lu [cv] [webpage]
Research Interests: economic theory, decision theory, behavioral economics, financial economics
Paper Title: "Random Choice and Private Information"
References: Faruk Gul, Wolfgang Pesendorfer, Stephen Morris

Brice Richard [cv] [webpage]
Research Interests: political economy, public finance, development economics
Paper Title: "Punished Communities: Felon Disenfranchisement, Political Participation and Public Good Provision"
References: Anne Case, Tom Romer, Thomas Fujiwara, Martin Gilens

Phyllis Kit Yee Sun [cv] [webpage]
Research Interests: international trade, political economy, heterogeneous firms, oligopoly
Paper Title: "A Theory of Worker-Level Comparative Advantage and Task Specialization Within Jobs"
References: Gene Grossman, Stephen Redding, Oleg Itskhoki
Jiangmin Xu [cv] [webpage]
Research Interests: continuous-time finance, financial econometrics, empirical finance
Paper Title: "Optimal Strategies of High-Frequency Traders"
References: Yacine Aït-Sahalia, Harrison Hong, Christopher Sims
Philip Yan [cv] [webpage]
Research Interests: asset pricing, behavioral finance, short sales, commodities
Paper Title: "Short Covering and Momentum Crashes"
References: Harrison Hong, Jakub Jurek, David Sraer