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Junior Recruiting Flyout Schedule 2015

All Job Talk Seminars will be held in 200 Fisher from 10:30am - 12:00pm, unless otherwise noted.

Wednesday, January 7th 
Rebecca Dizon-Ross
CV   Website
Jobtalk: "Parents' Perceptions and Children's Education: Experimental Evidence from Malawi"

Thursday, January 8th 
Adrien Auclert
CV   Website
Jobtalk: "Monetary Policy and the Redistribution Channel"

Monday, January 12th
Manasi Deshpande
CV Website
Jobtalk: "Does Welfare Inhibit Success? The Long-Term Effects of Removing Low-Income Youth from Disability Insurance"

Tuesday, January 13th
Eva Vivalt
CV Website
Jobtalk: "How Much Can We Generalize from Impact Evaluations?"

Wednesday, January 14th
Benjamin Hebert
CV Website
Jobtalk: "Moral Hazard and the Optimality of Debt"

Thursday, January 15th
Adam Kapor
CV Website
Jobtalk: "Distributional Effects of Race-Blind Affirmative Action"

Friday, January 16th
Lawrence Jin
CV Website
Jobtalk: "A Speculative Asset Pricing Model of Financial Instability"

Monday, January 19th
Mark Shepard
CV Website
Jobtalk: "Hospital Network Competition and Adverse Selection: Evidence from the Massachusetts Health and Insurance Exchange"

Tuesday, January 20th
Gregor Jarosch
CV Website
Jobtalk: "Searching for Job Security and the Consequences of Job Loss"

Wednesday, January 21st
Adrien Matray
CV Website
Jobtalk: "The Local Innovation Spillovers of Listed Firms"

Thursday, January 22nd
Mohammad Akbarpour
CV Website
Jobtalk: "Dynamic Matching Market Design"

Friday, January 23rd
Nicolas Werquin
CV Website
Jobtalk: "Income Taxation with Frictional Labor Supply"

Monday, February 2nd***Jobtalk will be held at 4:30pm***
Luciano Pomatto
CV Website
Jobtalk: "Stable Matching under Forward-Induction Reasoning"

Tuesday, March 24th
Gabriel Zucman
CV Website
Jobtalk: "Distributional National Accounts"