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Macro/International Macro Seminar  
Fall 2013
Mondays: 2:40-4:10 p.m.
Location: 200 Fisher Hall
Visitor Office: 106 Fisher Hall
September 16 Pablo Kurlat, Stanford
"Asset Markets with Heterogeneous Information"
September 23 Julia Thomas, Ohio State
"Credit Shocks and Aggregate Fluctuations in an Economy with Production Heterogeneity"
(Joint with Aubhik Khan)

September 30

Emmanuel Farhi, Harvard
"A Theory of Macroprudential Policies in the
Presence of Nominal Rigidities" 

(Joint with Ivan Werning)

October 7 Juan Pablo Nicolini, Minneapolis Federal Reserve
"Liquidity Traps and Monetary Policy: Managing a
Credit Crunch"

(Joint with Francisco Buera)
October 14

Dirk Krueger, University of Pennsylvania
"Analyzing the Eff ects of Insuring Health Risks:
On the Trade-off between Short Run Insurance Bene fits vs. Long Run Incentive Costs"
(Joint with Harold L. Cole and Soojin Kim)

October 21

Jonathan Heathcote, Minneapolis Federal Reserve
"Optimal Income Taxation: Mirrlees Meets Ramsey"
(Joint with Hitoshi Tsujiyama)

October 28

Fall Recess

November 4

No Seminar - Dept. Wide Seminar week

November 11

Fernando Alvarez, Chicago
"Mandatory Disclosure and Financial
(Joint with Gadi Barlevy)

November 18

Benjamin Lester, Philadelphia Federal Reserve
"Competing with Asking Prices"
(Joint with Ludo Visschers and Ronald Wolthoff)

November 25

Ariel Zetlin-Jones, Carnegie Mellon
"Reputation and Persistence of Adverse Selection in Secondary Loan Markets" (Joint with V.V. Chari and Ali Shourideh)

December 2

Chad Jones, Stanford
"A Silicon Valley Model of Top Income Inequality"

December 9

Gabriel Chodorow-Reich, Harvard
JRC Associate Research Scholar in Macro-Finance, Princeton, 2013-2014
"The Employment E ffects of Credit Market Disruptions:
Firm-level Evidence from the 2008-09 Financial Crisis"

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