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Conference on

          “Monetary-Fiscal Policy Interactions, Expectations, and

                   Dynamics in the Current Economic Crisis”


May 22-23, 2009 in Princeton, NJ
006 Friend Center

Friday, May 22nd  
1:00pm Author: Lawrence Christiano presenting “When Is the Government Spending Multiplier Large?” by , Christiano, Eichenbaum, and Rebelo (Northwestern University)
  Discussant: Todd B. Walker (Indiana University)
2:00pm Author: John Cochrane (University of Chicago) "Fiscal theory, and fiscal and monetary policy in the financial crisis"
  Discussant: David Bowman (Federal Reserve Board)
3:00pm Coffee Break
3:30pm Author: Gauti Eggertsson (Federal Reserve Bank of New York), “Can a Tax Cut Deepen the Recession?”
  Discussant: Lawrence Christiano (Northwestern University)
4:30pm Author: Troy Davig (Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City) & Eric M. Leeper (Indiana University), “Expectations and Fiscal Stimulus”
  Discussant: Jim Nason (Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta)
5:30pm Conference Adjourns for the day
6:30pm Dinner will be held in the Convocation Room (113 Friend Center) and will be preceded by a cocktail hour
Saturday, May 23rd  
8:30am Author: Marvin Goodfriend (Carnegie Mellon University), "Central Banking in the Credit Turmoil:  An Assesment of Federal Reserve Practice"
  Discussant: Dave Altig (Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta)
9:30am Author: George Hall (Brandeis University) and Thomas J. Sargent (New York University), “Measuring Interest Payments on the U.S. Federal Debt”
  Discussant: Henning Bohn (University of California Santa Barbara)
10:30am Coffee Break
11:00am Author: Christopher A. Sims (Princeton University), “Current Fiscal Policy, Future Fiscal Policy, the Fed Balance Sheet, and Inflation Control”
  Discussant: Marco Del Negro (Federal Reserve Bank of New York)
12:30am Lunch
1:30pm Author: Harald Uhlig (University of Chicago), "Some Fiscal Calculus"
  Discussant: Thomas Lubik (Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond)
2:30pm Author: Leopold von Thadden (European Central Bank), “Monetary and Fiscal Policy Separations: ‘Single Economy’ vs. ‘Monetary Union’ Issues”
  Discussant: Lars E.O. Svensson (Sveriges Riksbank)
3:30pm Coffee Break
4:00pm Panel Discussion: Alan Blinder (Princeton University), Giancarlo Corsetti (European University Institute), Don Kohn (Federal Reserve Board), Paolo Pesenti (Federal Reserve Bank of New York)
5:00pm Conference Adjourns
  Additional Participant Papers