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Microeconomic Theory Seminar 
Fall 2013
Thursday: 2:45-4:00 p.m.
200 Fisher Hall
September 19

Qingmin Liu, Columbia visiting Princeton
Stable Matching with Incomplete Information

September 26 Alex Frankel, Chicago Booth
Suspense and Surprise
October 3 Jay Lu, Princeton University PhD Candidate
Random Choice and Information
October 10 Jernej Copic, UCLA
Equilibrium as a Steady State in Games with Uncertainty
October 17

Marek Pycia, UCLA
Incentive Compatible Allocation and Exchange of Discrete Resources


October 24

Rohit Lamba, Princeton University PhD Candidate
Repeated Bargaining:  A Mechanism Design Approach
October 31

Fall Recess

November 7 Department Wide Seminar
November 14 CANCELLED
November 21 Ben Brooks, Princeton University PhD Candidate
"Surveying and selling:  Belief and surplus extraction in auctions"
November 28 Thanksgiving Recess
December 5

Federico Echenique, CalTech
Savage in the Market (joint with Kota Saito)

December 12

Antonio Penta, University of Madison-Wisconsin
Strategic Thinking and the Incentives to Reason
(joint with Larbi Alaoui)

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