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The Economics Department has two Department Representatives; Professor Smita Brunnermeier and Professor Henry Farber. The table below explains who to approach with your question/request. Note that Professor Brunnermeier largely advises on issues relevant to juniors and incoming majors while Professor Farber advises on issues relevant to seniors.                                                  

Note: Queries regarding the Program in Political Economy should be directed to the Political Economy Advisor, Professor Silvia Weyerbrock. Queries regarding the Undergraduate Certificate in Finance should be directed to the Finance Representative, Professor Harrison Hong.

Professor Smita Brunnermeier


Professor Farber

Advises sophomores on fall courses for their junior year.


Advises juniors on fall courses for their senior year.

Advises juniors on spring courses.


Advises seniors on spring courses.

Approves adds/drops and grading status

changes for juniors.


Approves adds/drops and grading status changes for seniors.

Approves cognates.


Approves courses taken at another institution

Approves study abroad courses and liaison for study abroad related questions.


Advancement to senior standing.

Admitting rising juniors into the department.


Approve withdrawals and re-admissions.

Approves changes of major.


Senior thesis coordinator.

Summer research grants for majors.


Senior comprehensive exam.




For a printable copy of this information click here 


SCORE forms, add/drop forms, cognate approval form, PPE application, and transfer-credit approval forms are signed by the appropriate Undergraduate Representatives.

Note: For students who require only a signature, please leave forms in the Undergraduate Program Manager's (Noelina Hall) mailbox. The Program Manager will contact you as soon as the forms are processed. 

Add/Drop forms are signed by the representative who approved your courses for the semester.  If Professor Brunnermeier approved your course selection she will also sign your Add/Drop form and if Professor Gul approved your course selection he will also sign your Add/Drop form.

Note: Add/Drop forms without an ECO (or cognate) course do NOT require a signature for submission to the Registrar.

Professor Brunnermeier will sign cognate approval and Professor Farber will sign transfer-credit approval forms. Professor Weyerbrock signs PPE applications.

Comments/Suggestions on Departmental Policies

You can direct these to any member of the Undergraduate Liaison Committee.

Send Questions to Noelina Hall