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September 20, 2013   >>
Friday, September 20
Aquaculture and Sustainability of Coastal Ecosystems
Mark Lewis - Canada Research Chair in Mathematical Biology - Killam Research Fellow University of Alberta

While promising a revolution in food production, salmon aquaculture can also affect wild salmon populations via shared disease dynamics. In this talk I investigate the dynamics of parasite populations that spill over to wild salmon and then spill back to domesticated populations.  Using a mixture of field studies and mathematical models, I show how these parasites have had a major impact on the dynamics of some wild salmon populations. I address impacts at three levels: infection, mortality and population dynamics. I review the recent history of these impacts and show how they have improved through changes in management. This work is joint with Martin Krkosek and Stephanie Peacock.
100 Guyot Hall  ·  12:30 p.m. 1:30 p.m.