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How to Apply

Do I apply directly to the EEB department?
No. All prospective graduate students apply to Princeton’s Graduate School, not to individual departments.

When is my application due?
Applications to the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology are due at the Graduate School by
December 1.

Should I apply electronically?
The Graduate School only accepts applications via following website

What kind of graduate student are you looking for?
There is not a typical EEB graduate student profile. There are a few things to keep in mind, however: The EEB faculty members look for students with a superior GPA, serious research experience, curiosity, and the ability to think abstractly. We accept students fresh from undergraduate programs, and we accept students who have been out of school and who have a few years of related work experience.

Do you accept students from abroad as well as from the U.S.?

What about funding?
Funding is available. Please see details on next page.

For other questions, please email Lolly O'Brien at for more information.