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Plan of Study

For current sophomores and freshmen (Class of 2020 and 2021), the department’s plan of study has changed. Please be aware of the new guidelines, outlined here.  

EEB students are required to complete 8 departmental (6 of which must be EEB or MOL) courses. Only grades of C- or better are allowed for a course to count as departmental. Of the 8, and in the interest of gaining familiarity with the full range of whole-organism biology, EEB requires that all students take at least one course in each of these three areas:

  • Ecology and Conservation 
  • Evolution
  • Behavior and Physiology

Other requirements include an upper-level lab course and statistics.

The biological sciences are increasingly important in formulating and implementing policies relating to conservation, disease control, reproductive planning, and the ethics of science. For this reason we encourage our students to take an approved policy course; we will count one policy course as a departmental.

We suggest to our students, if their schedules permit, that they should take three departmentals in the fall of junior year—one in each area of the department. This breadth of experience enables our students to discover their area of special interest before needing to choose an adviser for the spring term.

We encourage our students to design a program that suits their interests and needs, so long as it meets our basic guidelines. The extensive list of cognates represents preapproved courses from other departments; proposals for one-time approval of 300- and 400-level courses directly relevant to a student’s interests should be directed to the Departmental Representative.

EEB Courses

EEB Fall-term Courses
EEB 211 Biology of Organisms
EEB/MOL 215 Quantitative Principles in Cell and Molecular Biology
EEB 255/GEO 255A Life in the Universe
EEB 304/ENV 304 Disease Ecology, Economics and Policy
EEB 308 Conservation Biology ECO
EEB 309 Evolutionary Biology EVO
EEB 313 Behavioral Ecology BEH
EEB 315/ANT 215 Human Adaptation
EEB 321 Ecology: Species Interaction, Biodiversity and Society ECO
EEB 325 Mathematical Modeling in Biology and Medicine
EEB 327/MOL 327 Ecology and Evolution of Immune Systems
EEB 329 Sensory Ecology BEH 
EEB 336/NEU 336 The Diversity of Brains
EEB/ENV 417 Ecosystem and Global Change (alt yrs) ECO

EEB Spring-term Courses
EEB/MOL 214 Intro. to Cellular and Molecular Biology
EEB 301/GSS 301 Evolution and Behavior of the Sexes BEH
EEB 305/CEE 307  Field Ecohydrology (Kenya) ECO
EEB 306/ANT 206B Human Evolution
EEB 311 Animal Behavior BEH
EEB 314 Comparative Physiology BEH
EEB 320 Molecular Evolution EVO
EEB 324 Theoretical Biology (alt yrs) ECO
EEB 326/ISC 326/MOL 326 Human Genomics: Past, Present, Future EVO
EEB 328 Ecology and Epidemiology of Parasites and Infectious Diseases (Panama) ECO
EEB 332 Pre-Columbian Peoples of Tropical America and Their Environments (Panama)
EEB 338 Tropical Biology (Panama) ECO
EEB 341/ENV 341 Water, Savannas and Society ECO
EEB 346 Biology of Coral Reefs (Panama; alt yrs) ECO
EEB 380 Ecology and Conservation on African Landscapes (Kenya) ECO
EEB 382 Tropical Agriculture (Kenya)
EEB 403/NEU 403 Neurogenetics and the Evolution of Behavior BEH
EEB 404 Natural History of Mammals (Kenya) BEH
EEB 406 Biology of African Animals and Ecosystems BEH
EEB 419 Environmental Microbiology (alt yrs)