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The curriculum in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology is based on an initial set of core prerequisites/requisites (core requisites are required courses which also count as one of the eight departmental classes needed for graduation). Because biology is the most derived of the natural sciences, the prerequisites/core requisites are more numerous than those for most departments. 

As prerequisites, EEB requires:

The Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology requires the following prerequisites of its concentrators and should normally be completed by the end of sophomore year. (Two exceptions, physics and statistics, are noted below.)

  • Two terms of introductory biology (EEB 211 and EEB/MOL 214 or EEB/MOL 215). Non majors can use an AP score of 5 to fulfill EEB 211. ALL EEB majors must take EEB 211;
  • Mastery of calculus to the level of MAT 103 or 104 or 175, or advanced placement (an AP score of 5 on the AB test or an AP score of 4 on the BC test);
  • Two terms of introductory chemistry (or equivalent, or an AP score of 5);
  • The first term of introductory physics (or the equivalent, or an AP score of 5; note that medical schools require two terms; physics can be delayed to the junior or senior year if necessary);
  • An introductory statistics course. SML 201 is preferred.  Other appropriate courses are: ECO 202, ORF 245, POL 345, PSY 251, or SOC 301; the statistic requirement must be fulfilled by the end of fall term senior year.