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Photo courtesy of James Gould. ENV 312 Introduction to Marine Biology, Summer 2009

Field Programs

EEB is one of the few departments on campus that truly supports international study. The Semester in the Field Program, began in Panama as a partnership with the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute and expanded to include Kenya, where co-teachers in the program hold Ph.D.s from Princeton's EEB department. After participating in short field courses many EEB faculty felt that both teaching and learning are better done by total immersion removed from the distractions of campus life. This belief has been borne out as our majors studying in the field return with a much deeper understanding of the tropics and the impact of humans on biodiversity as well as with a more mature understanding of what constitutes original research. Their enthusiasm and knowledge enrich all our courses on campus. This year, for the first time students, in EEB 417 will travel to Panama for an intensive one-week field experience during fall break.

Semester in the Field: Panama
The Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology offers a spring term in Panama in conjunction with the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute. Students take four intensive three-week courses in sequence, which can include tropical ecology and conservation, coral reef biology, anthropology, and tropical biology. Prerequisite: EEB 321.

Semester in the Field: Kenya
The Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Civil and Environmental Engineering and Program in African Studies offers a four-course program, taken in three-week segments at Princeton's Mpala Research Centre in Central Kenya and at other sites within Kenya. The courses are taught in collaboration with scientists in Kenya, Columbia University faculty and Princeton faculty. The courses delve into conservation in Africa, natural history of mammals, sustainablility and field ecohydrology.

2016-17 Meetings & Deadlines

Apply Online!

Panama and Kenya | September 23 | noon | 209 Eno Hall

The Panama/Kenya application deadline is September 26, 2016

For addition information about EEB's undergraduate field programs contact:

Lolly O'Brien
Undergraduate Student Administrator
Dept of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology