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Marine Biology Summer

Marine Biology June 2015 Course Dates: June 1-June 26. Travel dates: May 31 and June 27

EEB and PEI (Princeton Environmental Institute) offer EEB/ENV 312: Marine Biology, which is taught on Bermuda in collaboration with the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences (BIOS). The instructors are James Gould of EEB and Samantha de Putron of BIOS. This intensive four-week course runs the month of June, covering all aspects of marine biology, with a special focus on coral reefs.
    The course includes significantly more lecture and lab time than Princeton on-campus courses. Generally, there will be two lectures (totaling about 2.5 hours) daily, precepts, and a 3-4 hour lab nearly every teaching day, Monday-Saturdays. Many of the labs will require snorkeling (scuba is optional); others will involve field trips; the rest will focus on in-lab experiments and measurements (usually of data or organisms collected in the field).
    The topics will include the ecology, physiology, and behavior of a wide variety of organisms in a series of habitats, from sandy shores to the deep ocean. The habitats will include rocky shores, mud flats, mangroves, marshes, seagrass beds, open ocean, and, in particular, coral reefs. Organisms will range from plankton to whales, with special attention to corals, marine plants, and reef fish.

Prerequisites: A score of 5 on the biology AP or a specified set of readings from an intro text. You must also be able to swim; if you have not snorkeled, we will teach you. Open to all students.

Information Sessions: Two (identical) information sessions will be held, one in early October and the other in mid November.

Evaluation: Three exams, two presentations, 500+ pages of reading and regular lab reports.

Application: The class is limited to 16 students. Applications, which include a questionnaire and a short essay, and a transcript are due in mid-February; we will also consult with your Residential College Dean and Director of Studies. Contact Lolly O'Brien to place your name on a mailing list. Acceptances to the program are announced in early March.


Bermuda Institute photo from the water
Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences from the water.

2014-15 Informational Meeting

Panama and Kenya | September 26th | noon | 209 Eno Hall

CEE Kenya Meeting | September 19 and September 22 | noon | E219 EQuad

Bermuda | October 22 | 6:30 pm | 10 Guyot Hall

Bermuda | November 13 | 6:30 pm | 10 Guyot Hall

The Panama/Kenya application deadline is September 29, 2014

The Bermuda application deadline is February 6, 2015

Scuba diver collecting underwater video

For one lab some of the data will come from a video survey of the reef too deep for snorkeling. Students will compare this against the distribution of flora and fauna on shallower parts of the reef.

Examing plankton in the BIOS lab

After a night tow of a plankton net in the first week, students get a close look at the organisms that feed the entire oceanic food chain.

Students examing fauna in a tide pool

Examining the fauna in a tide pool.

Jim and Carol Gould helmet diving in Bermuda

Prof. Gould (left) and Dr. Gould (right) helmet diving in Great Sound. Students will try this classic method of studying reefs on the first Friday of the course. The snapper in the foreground is named Stormin' Norman.