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Applying for senior thesis funding from Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

You must be an EEB major to apply.

The senior thesis funding process is fairly straight-forward. You pick an adviser in December of your junior year. You meet with the adviser to discuss projects. You settle on a project. You develop a proposal and budget, and you upload them into the Common Funding Portal during the application time period. Pay attention to deadlines. The funding portal will likely open in March.

Timing - if you are planning to study abroad, you must meet and plan with your adviser during January’s Reading Period. You will be off campus during February and it becomes difficult to fine tune a project via email.

Amount of Funding - The EEB department is generally able to fund about $2,500 per student. You must plan your project accordingly. If you feel you need more money than that, and most students do, you need to seek additional funding from other sources, including the Office of the Dean of the College (ODOC) , Princeton Environmental Institute (PEI),   Grand Challenges , Program in Latin American Studies (PLAS), and other campus programs that offer money, depending on the type of project you propose. These other funding sources can be found in the Common Funding Portal.

Creating the Budget - When you draft the budget for your project, you need to include every expense involved, even if those items will not be covered by university money. It is very important that you   and your adviser understand the true cost of your project. In addition, your adviser needs to see that you have developed a comprehensive budget; this assures your adviser that you understand what is needed.

Applying for Funding – Students must use the SAFE (Student Activities Funding Engine) portal to apply for funding. Applying to EEB, ODOC, PEI, PLAS, and other funders is done through the portal.

Senior Thesis Funding in the EEB Department

Once you have a confirmed senior thesis adviser, it is time to think about your research project in detail. Please use these three documents to prepare your proposal.

Part 1 STRF Compliance Checklist

Part 2 STRF Budget

Part 3 STRF Proposal

Note that Part 1 is due to Lolly’s office February 14. Part 2 and Part 3 are due February 21. You will not be considered for funding without these completed documents. All funding requests will be done through the universal funding portal called SAFE, which will be open March 3 - March 14, 2014. Since EEB cannot generally fully fund students’ projects, all students are required to apply to as many sources as applicable, including ODOC, PLAS, PEI, and other appropriate funding agencies. Please be aware that students must be compliant with all regulations regarding research and must pay attention to ODOC emails, which often include extremely important deadline information.

A special note to those students traveling abroad in the spring semester: Please work closely with your adviser during Reading Period so that you have all the above documents in draft form before you go abroad. Please email Lolly ( with any questions.