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The Program in Engineering Biology is designed for those highly motivated students who are interested in pursuing careers or graduate education in the areas of biotechnology or bioengineering. The interface between engineering science and the life sciences has been an area of dramatic growth and intellectual vigor. Innovations and new developments in this area require multidisciplinary approaches. While you will have a major in an academic Department, the Program allows you to expand your training to equip you to contribute to these newly developing fields. For engineering majors, in addition to courses in those subjects fundamental to the your major, the program encourages the study of cellular and molecular biology, genetics, physiology, biochemistry, and neuroscience. For biological and chemical sciences majors, the program offers study in biotechnology, bioseparations, biomechanics, thermodynamics, control theory, hazardous waste management, electronics, computer graphics, and information theory.

General Questions

For further information concerning the Engineering Biology program please contact the Program Director: Professor Celeste Nelson,

Also feel free to contact the faculty member in your Department who serves on the Program Committee. They will have specific advice on the opportunities in your field for someone interested in bioengineering.

Finally, contact students in your department who are in the program (see the Students page). They will know the ropes on how to fit courses to fulfill the Program requirements into your Department's schedule.