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Thesis Research

There is no separate requirement for a Junior or Senior Project or Independent Work in addition to the requirements in your home department, but to receive the Certificate you must do Independent Work or a Senior Thesis in your home department. We assume you will find a thesis that satisfies your interests in Engineering Biology among theses offered in your department. Many students do their theses under the direction of a faculty member in another department or co-advised by a faculty member in their department and one in another department. You can check with the Engineering Biology Office to get a listing of faculty who sponsor interdisciplinary topics that relate to Engineering Biology. Arrangements for theses are at the discretion and by approval of your home department.

Past Senior Thesis and Independent Work Topics

Here is a listing of Senior Thesis and Independent Projects that have been done by students in the Program:

Year Name Dept Project Title
'14 Noah Apthorpe COS Elegance: A Desktop GUI Application for Processing and Visualizing Data from C. elegans RNA Sequencing Differential Expression Experiments 
'14 Lawrence Chang CBE Development of a Nanoparticle Construct for the Delivery of Hydrophilic Peptide Drugs
'14 Cathy H. Chen CBE Grafting Epitopes Into a Disulfide-Constrained Tail of a Lasso Peptide
'14 Maria Yanqing Chen CBE Characterization of Thermal Lasso Peptide Unthreading in Astexins-2 and -3 Variants
'14 Josh Chen COS not available
'14 Ke Yi Michelle Chung CHM Identifying the Unknown Carbon Source for Acetyl-CoA Production in Cancer Cells Under Hypoxia
'14 Phillip J. Dorsey CBE Staphylococcus aureus Biofilm Formation and Clogging Dynamics Within Microfluidic Environments
'14 Jasmine Edelstein CBE Fabrication of Protein Scaffold-Nanoparticle Conjugates for Targeted Cancer Therapeutics
'14 Adrienne Fung CBE Shape Profile of Ribonucleoprotein Droplets Offer Insights into how Surface Tension and Dynamics Are Critical to Structure and Function
'14 Thomas Gilgenast CBE Identifying and Modeling Sources of Reducing Equivalents in the Nitric Oxide Detoxification Response of Escherichia coli
'14 Jack Greisman MOL Characterization of Functional Proteins from a Combinatorial Library of de novo Designed Sequences
'14 Chengcheng Gui CBE Characterization of Epithelial Appendage Formation in a Three-dimensional Vertex Model of the Developing Drosophila Epithelium
'14 Samantha Halpern CBE Oxygen Tension and Rac1b Localization
'14 Edward P. Harvey, III CBE Screening the Keio Collection Library for Nitric Oxide Sensitive Mutants
'14 Siu-Yuan Huang CBE Putting it Together: A Study of Epithelial Fusion in the Embryonic Avian Lung
'14 Alexander L.C. Judge CBE Development of a Nanoparticle-Gel Microparticle Drug Delivery Vehicle for Lung Cancer Treatment
'14 Eileen Lee ORF Uncovering Systemic Corruption in the ER: An Empirical Analysis of Motor Vehicle-Related Hospital Bills and their Impact on Insurance Companies
'14 Sophia Leonard CBE Investigating Hydrogen Peroxide Metabolism in the Absence of the Major Detoxification Systems
'14 Elen Miteva CHM Synthesis of Pyrrolo[3,2-c]quinolin-4-one Structure For Development of Antivirulence Pro-Quorum Sensing LuxO Inhibitors of V. cholerae
'14 Christine Odabashian MAE Moving an Immovable Limb: Prototyping a Low-Cost, Simplified Robotic Exoskeletal Arm Mobility Aid
'14 Tamara Pico CHM Microcompartmentalized Fiber Structure for the Encapsulation and Release of Model Compounds
'14 Katherine Pogrebniak COS not available
'14 Gabriel Reder COS Drift-Diffusion Modeling of a Perceptual Decision-Making Task
'14 Sara A. Rubin CHM Flux Ratio-based Energy Estimation: An Integrative Investigation into Cellular Metabolism
'14 Hana Snow COS Quorum Sensing Feedback Loops in Vibrio Harveyi: A Computational Model
'14 Amogha Tadimety CBE Intracellular Phase Transitions: The Role of Fibrillarin in Nucleolar Assembly
'14 Allyse Terrell CBE Comparative Production of Lasso Peptides of Multi-Precursor Plasmids
'14 Michelle Wu MOL Genome Mining Approaches for the Discovery of Novel Lasso Peptides
'14 Nikhil Yegya-Raman CHM A Chemical Genetic Strategy to Study Vip1 in Inositol Pyrophosphate Signaling
'13 Santhosh Balasubramanian COS Identification and Characterization of Modules in Biological Networks
'13 Katherine Bedkowski CBE Biofilm Characterization in Microfluidic Microbial Fuel Cells
'13 Birgitt Boschitsch MAE Thrust Production of Rigid Hydrofoils in an In-line Configuration
'13 Christina Clark ORF Keeping Them Honest: How Medical Services can Maximize Profit while Maintaining Quality of Service with an Optimal Control Policy
'13 Siobhan Galligan CBE Gradient Measurements of Phase Behavior in Thin Films of Block Copolymer
'13 Hannah Gu CBE Genomic Instability and the Mechanical Microenvironment
'13 George Hung MOL Mechanistic Insights into E1B 55 kDa-mediated Regulation of the Innate Immune Response 
'13 Max Jacobson CBE Investigating the Correlation Between the Size and Transcrptional Output of the Nucleolus
'13 Edwin Jeng MOL Complex Formation of the Maturation Machinery in the Biosynthesis of the Lasso Peptide Microcin J25
'13 Hannah Kaplan CBE Biosynthesis of a Putative Lasso Peptide Produced by Sphingopyxis alaskensis
'13 Rebecca Khalandovsky MOL Distinguishing Biochemical Noise From Population Variability in Drosophila Development
'13 Ha-Kyung Kwon CBE Synthesis and Characterization of Polystyrene-Block-Poly(2-ethylhexyl methacrylate) diblock copolymers (PS-b-PEHMA)
'13 Michael A. Lee CBE Nanoparticle-Ligand Conjugations for Targeted Drug Delivery: Processing and Applications  
'13 Lance Lively CBE Impact of Cholesterol Adsorption on Glycan-Supported Lipid Bilayer Patch Dynamics
'13 Alyssa Mancini CBE Peripheral Innervation and Pattern Formation During Lung Development 
'13 Santiago Martinez-Legaspi CBE Expression and Purification of the Maturation Enzymes of the Astexin Lasso Peptides
'13 Kirsten Parratt CBE Biomimetic Significance of the Nanofeatures and Nanomechanical Properties of Organic Thin Films in Nacre
'13 Mark Pavlyukovskyy MOL Assessing the Impact of a Game-Based Health Education Curriculum on Infectious Disease Prevention in Rural Ghana 
'13 Vyas Ramasubramani CBE Depletion Flocculation in a Dual Delivery System for the Treatment of Lung Cancer 
'13 Akhil Reddy MAE Integration of Human Preference into Multidisciplinary Design Optimization
'13 John Patrick Renschler WWS The Effects of Subsidizing Antimalarials and Rapid Diagnostic Tests: Results from an Individual-Based Model of Malaria Transmission
'13 Elizabeth Sajewski CEE TYPHOID, PAST AND PRESENT: Rain-Driven Seasonality and the Influence of Municipal Water Systems on Disease Dynamics 
'13 Christopher Shuck CBE Desorption Kinetics of Alkali Metal Atoms from Transition Metal Surfaces
'13 Jennifer Siegel CBE Lasso Peptide Engineering: Mutating Astexin-1 to serve as a Caspase-3 Inhibitor
'13 Alice Stanton CBE The role of mechanical stresses in regulation of FGF10 signaling in embryonic mouse lung development
'13 Hannah Steele ORF Accounting for Population Structure in Lasso Regression for Genome-Wide Association Studies
'13 Jeff Duff Wang CBE Investigating the Structure of RNA/Protein Bodies through Nucleolar Mass Transfer Dynamics
'13 Kedong Wang EEB Micronuclear DNA Fragmentation: A Model of Genome Rearrangement
'13 Ophelia Yin EEB The Effects of Helminth Removal on Coccidia Superspreaders in a Wild Peromyscus Population
'13 Richard Youngblood CBE Synthesis and Characterization of Gel Microparticles for Lung Cancer Delivery
'13 Eugenia Zah CBE Directed Evolution of Microcin J25 Towards Potency Against Resistant Escherichia coli