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Thesis Research

There is no separate requirement for a Junior or Senior Project or Independent Work in addition to the requirements in your home department, but to receive the Certificate you must do Independent Work or a Senior Thesis in your home department. We assume you will find a thesis that satisfies your interests in Engineering Biology among theses offered in your department. Many students do their theses under the direction of a faculty member in another department or co-advised by a faculty member in their department and one in another department. You can check with the Engineering Biology Office to get a listing of faculty who sponsor interdisciplinary topics that relate to Engineering Biology. Arrangements for theses are at the discretion and by approval of your home department.

Past Senior Thesis and Independent Work Topics

Here is a listing of Senior Thesis and Independent Projects that have been done by students in the Program:

Year Name Dept Project Title
'12 Maria Aristova CBE Characterizing the Function of a De Novo Protein Conferring Antibiotic Resistance in Escherichia coli 
'12 Cayley Bowles EEB The Forgotten Scourge: Modeling Dynamics and Control of Endemic Typhoid in New York and Kathmandu
'12 Christina Chang CHM Enhancing Manganese Porphyrin Catalysts to Generate Chlorine Dioxide: A Combined Experimental and Computational Approach

Christopher Cheung

EEB Interactions Between Helminth Infection and Protein Malnutrition in the Mortality of a Wild Animal 
'12 Eugenia Dellapenna CHM Spectrum Builder: A New Tool for NMR Database Construction
'12 Atray Dixit MAE Spatiotemporal Evolution of Traction Forces in Fibroblasts: Transition from Single to the Collective 
'12 Ryan Ellis CBE Nanoparticle Delivery of Radionuclides for Diagnostic and Therapeutic Applications Nanoparticle Delivery of Radionuclides for Diagnostic and Therapeutic Applications
'12 YingYu Gao CBE A System for the 3D Single-Particle Tracking of Cellulases towards the Optimization of Biofuel Production
'12 Lisa Gu MOL Identifying Development-Specific DNA Repair Genes in Oxytricha trifallax
'12 Sarah Hom CBE Effect of Mechanical Tension on Morphogenesis of the Lung
'12 Brian Hsueh CHM Neural Mechanisms of the Anxiolytic Impact of Physical Exercise
'12 Katherine Li CBE Increasing Reactive Oxygen Sensitivity through Transcriptional Misregulation
'12 Charles Lin CBE Robustness and Sensitivity of the MAPK Pathway and the Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Activated MAPK
'12 Michelle Luo CBE Studies on Homodimerization of Bcl-2 Family Protein
'12 Jacquelyn Nestor MOL The Role of Microtubules in Collective Cell Migration
'12 Stephanie Noble CBE Actin Motion as a Markov Process: Characterization of the Ribbon-to-Helix Transition
'12 Andrea Oliva CBE Elucidating the Bulk and Microscale Mechanical Properties of Collagen Gels
'12 Morgan Ong  COS not available
'12 Mehek Punatar CBE Investigating the Effects of Lasso Leader Peptides on Fusion Proteins
'12 Nicole Rafidi ELE A Brain-Computer Interface for Enhanced Learning using Classification of EEG Data


Clarke Read MAE Design of an Optimized Weightlifting Machine
'12 Axel Shum CBE A New Method for Measuring Mass Transfer in Dynamic Nuclear Compartments
'12 Jack Squiers CBE Nanoparticles for Drug Delivery: Characterization of Particle Surface Density and Macrophage Uptake Mechanisms
'12 Shivani Sud  MOL Sickle Cell Heterozygosity Conferred Protection Against Severe Plasmodium falciparum Infection: An Investigation of the Oxidative Stress Hypothesis
'12 John Tian CBE Caspase Inhibition by Lasso Peptide: Modifications of Microcin J25 to Introduce the Caspase-3 Recognition Sequence DEVD
'12 Jennifer Tse CBE Surface Conjugation of Small Molecule, Protein, and Antibody Ligands to Nanoparticles for Targeted Therapy
'12  James Jan Yang COS not available
'12 Stacey Wenjun Zhang CBE Gel Microparticle Drug Delivery System for Lung Cancer Treatment
'12 Bowen Zhou CBE Biofilm Persister Formation During Diauxic Shifts
'11 Steven Baldassano CBE Influence of Nanoparticle Surface Properties on Stability and Macrophage Uptake
'11 Neal Bennett CBE In Situ Fluorescence Analysis of the Mechanical Properties of Collagen Gels
'11 Christine Bonini CBE Quantification of the sog expression pattern along the dorsal-ventral axis in Drosophila embryos
'11 Christel Chehoud MOL Exploring Microbial Diversity in the Deep Subsurface of the Witwatersrand Basin, South Africa
'11 Jefferson Clayton CHM Wireless Detection of Bacteria Using a Passive, Graphene Device with Bifunctional Peptides
'11 Kate Fischl ELE Creation of a "Smart" Health News Update Application
'11 Kate Fitzgerald CBE Revealing the Patterning Potential of the Terminal System in the Drosophila Embryo
'11 David Glass CHM Engineered Neuronal Networks: Designing a Neuronal Toggle Switch
'11 Vanessa Goff CBE Pattern Formation During Lung Development
'11 Kuan-Lun Huang CBE Analysis of full spectral CID PILOT data
'11 Meyeneobong Inyang EEB HIV and Malaria Co-Infection 
'11 Hyun Bin Jeong ORF Approximate Dynamic Programming for the Stochastic Load Curtailment Problem
'11 Michael Keaton  CBE Up-converting Phosphor Composite Nanoparticles for Bioimaging
'11 So Yeon Kim  CHM
Elucidating the Conformational Dynamics of Insulin Degrading Enzyme by Single Molecule Fret
'11  Sophia LeMaire MAE A Study on Reducing the Effects of Mechanical Stress on Erythrocytes During Cardiopulmonary Bypass, and the Physiological Response to Mechanical Perfusion
'11  Angel Long CBE Exploiting Bivalency for the Enhancement of Weak Interactions within the Bcl-2 Family
'11  Cecillia Lui CBE Mammary stem cell differentiation and the mechanical microenvironment
'11 Stephen Ma ELE Changes in DNA-Binding Specificity in Orthologous Transcription Factors
'11 Sandeep Raj MOL Studying Regulation, Structure, and Function of Drosophila melanogaster Heterochromatic Sequences.  
'11 Jakub Rajniak CBE Insights into the Maturation Mechanisms of the Antimicrobial Lasso Peptides Microcin J25 and Capistruin
'11 Michael Salazar PHY Characterizing the Mechanisms Behind Flagella Number Regulation in Pseudomonas
'11 Matthew Salesi COS fMRI Analysis and Computational Modeling of Prospective Memory in Humans
'11 Clayton Schwarz MOL The Roles of Transposon-encoded Genes in a Genome Rearrangement Process
'11 Hank Song CHM Synthesis of Antagonistic Autoinducer Analogues in P.aeruginusa
'11 Sara Sukenik CBE Engineering Sensitivity to Oxidative Stress by Engaging Futile Cycles in Escherichia coli
'11 Rex Nung-Gahn Tien MAE Control of a Robotic Lamprey Using a Computer Model Based on Real Lamprey Neurophysiology
'11 Anthony Trenga EEB The Coevolution of Movement and Suicidal Spite in Bacteriocin-Producing Bacteria
'11 Karin Tsai COS Modeling Retrospective Revaluation in Reinforcement Learning
'11 Nadia Tsao CBE Virus filtration in porous iron oxide doped ceramic water filters
'11 Vinayak Venkataraman ELE Modeling Feedback Using Photonic Neuromorphic Circuits
'11 Jane Yang CBE Characterization and Modeling of Isthmia Nervosa Natural Defects for Energy-Harvesting Applications