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Strategic planning initiative is moving fast forward

The strategic planning process for the School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS) is off to a wonderful start.

Our goal is to take an already excellent engineering school to the next level of excellence.

To do this, we are creating a strategic plan for the next five to 10 years that will help SEAS leapfrog forward.

klawe 2

Participants in the first strategic planning workshop included Donald Dixon '69, Managing Director and founder of Trident Capital.

To guide us in our endeavor, we are holding 11 workshops. Our first workshop was held Sept. 18 and we discussed the future of engineering undergraduate education at SEAS.

This workshop was an overwhelming success and we have received incredibly positive feedback.

The workshop schedule and the topic of discussion follows.

* Oct. 13 - The Next Generation: Redefining Excellence in Graduate Education

* Oct. 16 - Materials and Nanotechnology

klawe 2

Workshop participants discuss what it means to be a top five engineering school.

* Oct. 20 - Energy and the Environment

* Nov. 3 - Engineering, Humanities, and the Arts

* Nov. 6 - Focus on the Faculty

* Nov. 11 - Understanding Complexity in Natural, Technological, and Social Systems

* Nov. 13 - Innovations in Information Technology

klawe 2

Karan L. Watson, associate provost, dean of faculties, and professor of electrical engineering at Texas A&M University, is the keynote speaker for the first strategic planning workshop.

Photos by Frank Wojciechowski

* Dec. 2 - Working Together: Links with Industry and Government

* Dec. 15 - Engineering, Policy, and Society

These are very exciting times for the SEAS. I attended a meeting of the Cabinet at which President Tilghman named her top three priorities.

SEAS is second on that list! This is a huge step for us and I feel unbelievably lucky to be in my position at

this time. I couldn't have come to Princeton at a better time and I hope you share my enthusiasm as we move fast forward.

To keep posted on our progress, or to comment, please see our Website at: /%7Eseasplan/seas/

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