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June 2007

Photo of H. Vincent PoorOne of the hallmarks of the student experience at Princeton is the open exchange of ideas and opinions as we seek solutions to societal problems. Fortunately, this collaborative enterprise does not end after graduation. As my first academic year as dean of engineering concludes, I have become even more appreciative of the very strong and highly engaged network of Princeton Engineering alumni, who help guide the future of the school -- and of society at large.

As part of this engagement, we hosted a two-day conference in April to discuss leadership and diversity in engineering, science and mathematics, with about 100 participants, including more than 60 black engineering alumni. Many valuable insights emerged from this meeting on a wide range of important issues, and these will help us to enhance engineering education here at Princeton and, it is hoped, - engineering education more generally. You can read more about this landmark event below.

Enjoy the start of your summer. I hope you will be among the alumni who will return to campus and share your experiences with us once again in conversations at Reunions events, and if so, I look forward to seeing you soon.

All the best,

-- H. Vincent Poor *77
Dean, School of Engineering and Applied Science
Michael Henry Strater University Professor of Electrical Engineering

Princeton team advances to next stage in 'urban challenge' competition

The Princeton Autonomous Vehicle Engineering team has advanced to the next stage in the Pentagon's "urban challenge" competition, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency announced May 11. The team was among 53 selected from 89 entrants for a site visit at which Pentagon officials will watch the vehicle in action.

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Leading change: Conference looks at diversity in science and engineering

Princeton Engineering hosted a two-day conference, titled "Leading Change in Science and Technology: A Princeton Engineering Conference for Black Alumni," to bring together black leaders in science, technology, public policy and business.

The event, which was attended by more than 100 alumni and other members of the Princeton community, presented a forum to learn about research and education in Princeton's School of Engineering and Applied Science and to share ideas about leadership, entrepreneurship and "best practices" for increasing diversity in the scientific and engineering fields.Full story, slide show, TV coverage
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Got research? Engineering students organize symposium, take honors

A senior engineering student took top honors at a University-wide student research symposium for a project in which she solved a long-standing mystery about flooding in a coastal New Jersey town. She was among more than 60 undergraduates who presented at the symposium, which was organized by two other engineering students.

Projects ranging from the conservation of sea turtles to the analysis of brain imaging data were reviewed by a panel of 30 judges and more than 100 audience members.

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Invest in education, people and the future, say Xerox and Amazon execs

Anne Mulcahy, chairman and chief executive officer of Xerox, and Amazon senior vice president Jeff Wilke shared insights from their careers in the final two events in the "Leadership in a Technological World" lecture series, sponsored by Princeton's Center for Innovation in Engineering Education.

"We prepare students to lead by providing exposure to real-life leaders -- leaders who understand technology, great leaders, experienced leaders, leaders with courage and integrity," said H. Vincent Poor, dean of Princeton's School of Engineering and Applied Science.

Mulcahy story ; Wilke story

Princeton students build enthusiasm for engineering among high school girls in New York City

Putting into action Princeton University President Shirley M. Tilghman's exhortation that more women must be encouraged to pursue careers in science and engineering, a team of Princeton Engineering undergraduate and graduate students recently made a field trip to New York City, sharing their enthusiasm for engineering with dozens of high school girls.

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From ink to optics, study of particle mixtures yields fundamental insights

Since the invention of ink over 3,000 years ago, people have exploited the unique properties of colloids, in which particles of one substance are suspended in another. Now, Princeton University chemical engineers have answered a fundamental question about these mixtures in work that may have wide-ranging practical applications, including the manufacturing of medicines and optical fibers.

Using elegant computer simulations, Athanassios Panagiotopoulos, the Susan Dod Brown Professor of Chemical Engineering, and postdoctoral research associate Antti-Pekka Hynninen created a complete phase diagram that is correct even when the particles have very high electric charges. Their work was published in the May 11, 2007 issue of Physical Review Letters.

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Entrepreneurs take the stage at Princeton Engineering

Twelve entrepreneurial students competed in the first ever Startup Spotlight and three successful entrepreneurs shared their advice on founding and funding companies in two recent events co-sponsored by the Center for Innovation in Engineering Education.

Startup Spotlight story ; Founders-to-funders story

Princeton Engineering invites you to Reunions

Princeton Engineering will host a full day of Reunions events Friday, June 1.

Join us throughout the day for panel discussions on topics ranging from investing to information security, followed by a tent reception from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m.

Full schedule of events

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