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Studying Europe in Princeton is an intellectual feast. There are many interesting and creative Europeanists on campus, and many courses focus on aspects of the region's culture, history, politics, and society. The interdisciplinary Program in Contemporary European Politics and Society (EPS) aims to show how some of these varied aspects fit together, and how a long history and variety of cultural traditions still shape many European responses to modern predicatments. EPS and its new affiliate, the European Union Program, offer students who participate in the certificate a chance to develop a more rounded picture of what Europe is about and have the opportunity to interact with a broad range of European cultural and political figures. EPS is an affiliate of the Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies.  Navigate this Web site with the buttons to the left to learn more about the program and the requirements for an undergraduate Certificate of Proficiency.


Books and Articles

Director Harold James is a regular contributor to Project Syndicate, a collection of original op-ed commentaries by distinguished opinion makers from around the world.. Click here to read.

The Creation and Destruction of Value: The Globalization Cycle
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The Referendum in Scotland
“ Should Scotland Leave the Pound Zone?”

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