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Course Selection Criteria

The courses selected for the e-reader pilot at Princeton need to meet several criteria:

  • Robust use of reserve reading materials. According to the terms of our funding by the High Meadows Foundation, the purpose of this trial is to explore how printing and photocopying on campus might be reduced by a different delivery method of reserve readings. Reserve readings, whether downloaded and printed from digital sources, or photocopied from physical reserve copies, account for a large percentage of paper consumption at Princeton. Courses selected will have reserve readings and required readings delivered via an e-reader.
  • Contents suited to e-reader delivery. Subject matter areas well-suited for the use of an e-reader include contemporary fiction, nonfiction, and topics discussed in recent books and periodicals. Courses that concentrate on readings published before 1923, which are now in the public domain, and freely available for e-readers are also good candidates.
  • Course size. Courses with fewer participants will allow us to explore more than one scholarly discipline for the e-reader pilot. Three courses are being considered for inclusion in the pilot. Smaller courses and seminars will also focus more heavily on discussions of readings, and allow us better to assess the success of the pilot program.