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Classroom technology consultations

Would you like to try something different using technology in the classroom or as an assignment for your students? We can help to advise, train, and prepare you to add a new technology component to your teaching. For more information, you can request a consultation or appointment. Contact

Clickers - The ETC has several sets of classroom audience response system, or 'clickers', to loan for use in Princeton courses.

Blogs - Incorporating a blog into your course can add a creative component to your class, improve communication, and engage students in the development of a lasting scholarly resource. The ETC can assist you in getting a blog created for your course and offer advice in effective strategies for using blogs for teaching.

Blackboard - Learn how to use the Blackboard Course Management System for more than just posting a syllabus. Contact the ETC to learn how to create tests, quizzes, set up discussion boards, Wimba voice boards, post videos, and more.

Computer Labs - Offer hands-on computer training in the New Media Center or the Humanities Resource Center classroom. Arrangements can also be made to make specialized software for coursework.

Emerging Technologies - The ETC is always looking out for emerging technologies that may improve or impact teaching and learning at Princeton University. Contact us for more information or to suggest a topic.

IT and grant-writing

Grant applications for research projects increasingly ask for details of an IT plan for presenting and/or preserving data. The McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning can help:

  • provide budget line estimates
  • advise on long-term storage strategies
  • advise on terminology for IT-related items in the application

Contact for more information.

Explore teaching technologies hands-on

The ETC offers some equipment for loan to University faculty to try out for teaching and research purposes.

Cintiq Pen MonitorCintiq Tablet - The Wacom Cintiq tablet is an LCD monitor giving you the ability to write directly on the screen. Interact with digital media in more natural ways on this 19.5"x11.5",  high-resolution display supporting 16.7 million colors and 2,048 levels of pen pressure sensitivity.

Smart PodiumSmartboard Podium - The Smartboard podium from Smart Technologies combines with your computer as an interactive pen enabled display.  Use the built-in pen to  interact with on-screen media, take notes on top of Powerpoint presentations, websites, or video, and save those annotations in digital ink for later reference. The Smartboard Podium also works with Smart Notebook software, providing tools to create interactive teaching materials.

iClicker Audience Response System - Audience Response Systems, or "clickers", provide a way to bridge the gap between teacher and student and liven up the classroom. E-mail to learn more.

Digital Teaching Materials

Create digital materials to help illustrate or enhance the topics you cover in class.

Maps - Online maps can be created collaboratively to create a visually-interesting new perspective on a novel, an historic topic, or other theme. Mark-up locations, notes, and links to further information about locations and events.

Timelines - Build a list of events and chart them on a timeline.

Archives and Databases - Start an archive using WordPress, Omeka, Drupal, or Textgarden. Categorize and tag materials.  Create semantic relationshsips between materials.

Teaching Resource Collections - Create a collection of teaching materials to be shared with instructors in mult-section courses or across thematically similar courses. Build a collection of images, video clips, or teaching plans.

Charts, graphs, and visualizations - Develop visualizations of topics that you repeatedly cover in class.  Generate attractive charts and graphs to help visualize data. Animate your existing illustrations to help get your point across.

Training-on-demand for faculty and academic departments

We offer several forms of training in educational technologies. Faculty members and administrative staff may request office visits. It is also possible to arrange for a group training session on a given topic. Training may be requested by clicking this link..

We have a survey to gather suggestions for future talks and training sessions. If you'd like to express your opinion about future educational technology training sessions, please take the survey.

Digitization for teaching purposes

The New Media Center will digitize analog materials free of charge for use in current or upcoming courses upon request by a faculty member. Contact or drop by the NMC to learn more.

Long Term Media Storage

The main purpose of this repository is to provide students, staff, and faculty with a private large capacity media storage service for in progress project media files such as large video, audio, and animation files.

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Learn something new with

The Office of Information Technology at Princeton has a site license for, an award-winning, online software-training site. The training library contains over 1,000 titles featuring a wide variety of software packages, such as Adobe and Microsoft Office products, video- and audio-editing software, web development applications, scripting, and 3D design packages.

The URL for Princeton's web portal to is:

Anyone with a valid Princeton netid has access to this portal. (There is no need to use VPN.)

There is a help page with more exact instructions of how to use the site, with support and troubleshooting information for the Princeton campus community. has its own FAQ page, and there is a Princeton-specific FAQ for

Please direct any feedback about Princeton's membership to to

Want a presentation about for your staff or department? Request an office visit or group presentation here.