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Free Online Training with

Go to to log in. is a institutionally licensed online training site that has more than a thousand software, career development, and technology training titles that you can access from anywhere using an internet browser and your Princeton login credentials. The service is open to Princeton faculty, staff, and currently enrolled students.

With Lynda, you can:

  • Learn at your own pace.
  • Learn new skills to enhance your coursework.
  • Add skills to your resumé.

If you are teaching a course, you can:

  • Assign work that involves software and let students learn the software outside of class.
  • Provide tutorials to supplement your coursework.

Learn more:

Logging into the site
Provide Profile information (first-time users only)
Player settings in
Keeping current with updated content
Logging in and logging out
Begin taking classes
Known issues with Internet Explorer 8
How to use the iPhone/ iPodTouch app
How to use the iPad app

Logging into the site:

Going to will take you to a CAS login page, which asks for your Princeton credentials. If you have a valid Princeton netid and password, you will be redirected to a web portal at that will give you access to all premium content on the site. You don't need to use VPN to access this site.

Figure 1. Log into CAS to use

Provide Profile information (first-time users only):

Figure 2 : Personalizing your membership at is optional.
  • When you first log into lynda, you are given the opportunity to personalize your profile. The generic name given to everyone who authenticates through is “Princeton University User.” You can personalize your experience by providing some information to lynda so that your user interface will have your own name at the top of the screen, and any certificates of completion you earn will have your name on them. If you want to change any of this information later, you can do so through your account settings at

  • Providing personal information is optional. will track your training and progress, whether or not you enter personal information. When you log back in you will see your recent activity, and can continue taking a course where you left off. Lynda also tracks your completed courses, and issues certificates of completion. If you don’t customize the settings, your first name will appear as “Princeton” and your last name as “University User.” However, having authenticated through Princeton’s CAS portal distinguishes your particular account from other users’ so that your progress is tracked, without sharing personal info.

Figure 3: A glimpse of the usage logs. These are anonymous log-ins from seven unique Princeton users. uses a randomly generated number to remember who you are.( Notice that user 1056310 logged in twice during the time period shown here.) No personal information is passed to unless you decide to provide that information.

If you decide that you want to change your profile at, use the "my profile" option under the "my account" tab. Here you can change your user name, and other personal information.

Figure 4  : Account settings allow you to change your personal information, and the way you interact with the site.

Player settings in

Selecting different movie players in lynda can result in different functionality.

For example:

  • Flash movie playback allow you to watch movies full screen
  • Quick Time Custom and Windows Media movie playback allow you to control the speed of playback
  •  Quick Time movie playback will allow you to go to a specific location in the movie when doing a course transcript search for a term
  •  All movie players have closed captioning, as long as the course has a transcript.

To see or change these options, go to “my account” and “site preferences.”

Keeping current with updated content:

New releases are noted on the homepage, as well as having an RSS feed, also listed on the home page.

Other ways to follow lynda are:

Lynda also has a series of newsletters that you can subscribe to in your “account settings.”


Logging in and logging out:

Figure 5 : Be sure to use the Princeton web portal at when you return to the site. Do not try to authenticate using the login button on If you are on a public computer when you log out of, be sure to close your browser session and log out of the machine so that you also log out of CAS.

Begin taking classes!

The interface will automatically save your past history, and show you where you left off in a course video the next time you log in.

Known issues:

Internet Explorer version 8 has display issues with If you log into the site and find that the drop-down menus do not work, you need to run IE 8 in compatibility view.  IE 7 and IE 9 do not seem to be affected by this bug, nor are all versions of IE 8 affected. Other browsers are not known to exhibit this behavior.

There are several ways to fix this:

1. Change to Compatibility View using the "Tools" menu in IE 8:

Figure 6 : Switching to compatibility view in IE using the "Tools" menu

2. OR, toggle to Compatibility View by using the symbol at the end of your IE 8 navigation bar:

Figure 7 : The Compatibility View toggle located on the navigation bar

3. OR, add two lynda sites to your "trusted" Intranet settings:

At "Tools" select the "Security" tab, and select "Local Intranet"

Figure 8 : Navigating to intranet site settings

Select the "Sites" button, then, "Advanced"

Figure 9: Adding a trusted zone to your intranet sites

Add "" and "" to the zone list.

How to use the iPhone/ iPodTouch app:

Download the free app from iTunes.

Figure 10: To log in to using the iPhone app, use the web portal access option, and then use as the URL. You will be directed to Princeton's CAS login screen

How to use the iPad app:

Download the free app from iTunes:

Figure 11: To log in to using the iPad app, use the web portal access option, and then use as the URL. You will be directed to Princeton's CAS login screen


Q: When I go to, the page is in the process of loading for a long time. At the bottom left of my browser window, it says "waiting for"

A: One of Princeton's Shibboleth (authentication) nodes is malfunctioning. Please call the Help Desk at 8-HELP and tell them about the problem..

 Q: I see a Shibboleth screen that says there is an error, and don’t get to the CAS login screen:

Figure 12 : Shibboleth error screen

A: The reason for this error is most probably that cookies are not enabled on your browser. needs cookies in order to work. Princeton’s authentication settings for will present you with this screen if cookies are disabled on your browser. See documentation for  your particular browser on   how to enable cookies. The FAQs at have a good explanation of how to do this for various browsers.

Q: When I log into, the menus don’t seem to work.

A: Some IE 8 users need to switch to compatibility mode to enable the scripts that make work. See the section on IE 8 and Compatibility View, above, under "Known Issues."

Q: What kind of computer do I need to access

A: Bandwidth and plugin requirements are described at’s FAQ page: is browser-based, so any computer running a fairly recent browser such as Safari, Firefox, Mozilla, Chrome or Internet Explorer (although there are known issues with IE8), should be able to access the site. Movies are delivered in Quick Time or Flash format, so you will need one of these plugins installed. Cookies need to be enabled on your browser in order for Lynda to work.

Further resources:

See’s FAQ section.

Watch the course on “How to Use”

See the FAQ page.