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EUROFORT Summer Research Grants

Call for Applications

Summer 2015 Fellowship Program of the Princeton-Humboldt Strategic Partnership

This year EUROFORT is looking to collect data on:

·          Cluster 1: Foreign Direct Investment

o    Why foreign investment was not included in the Treaty of Rome (will involve archival work in Florence and the Founding Member States)

o    Interest group lobbying for and against the supranationalization of FDI policy in Europe (will involve interview and archival work mostly in Brussels and in some EU Member State capitals)

o    The Investor-State-Dispute Settlement (ISDS) controversy in Europe (will involve media research and interview work, mostly in Germany)


·          Cluster 2: Legal and illegal immigration

o    Using quantitative data sets to study migration (will involve collating and supplementing quantitative data sets for research cooperation amongst Princeton and Humboldt migration researchers, quantitative and qualitative skills needed)

o    Party politicization of the migration issue (will involve quantitative coding of party programs and other materials)


·          Cluster 3: the Transformation of European Health Systems

o    What have been the main changes in the European Regulatory Framework for health systems and how have these been influenced by interest group politics? (will involve primary source research in Brussels and collections at other sites, including Florence)

o    Member state responses to recent European Court of Justice Rulings concerning patient mobility and cross-border health care, including from 3rd Country Nationals.


Summer Grants Program

This program will provide a total of 3 summer fellowships for Princeton student researchers ($2,500 stipend plus $1,350 travel expenses) and 3 summer fellowships for Humboldt student researchers (trip to Princeton covered, plus €2000 Stipend, plus intra-European travel expenses to be determined depending on the topic). It is open to A.B. (ideally Juniors) and Ph.D students on the Princeton side, and SOWI Mono BA, SOWI MA, MAIB, BGSS PhD’s on the Humboldt side.

Both Princeton and Humboldt grantees will attend the Princeton Annual Workshop on European Integration on May 1, 2014 and portions of the Berlin Summer School in July 2014. Research will be conducted in Europe for four weeks of the student’s choosing and completed by the end of July. The student researcher will then turn over to EUROFORT all the data collected (e.g. scans of archival materials, interviews, etc., to be deposited in a common repository) and a report that summarizes the main findings and organizes the collected material.

We are looking for students with a good understanding of European integration, an ability to work independently, and good planning and writing skills. EUROFORT students are allowed and encouraged to use the research collected for their own independent research (e.g. Senior Thesis at Princeton).



·          CV

·          Current transcript

·          Letter of recommendation from one of your faculty advisers

·          Short essay explaining why you are qualified to undertake this research, which specific topic you are applying for (e.g. ISDS controversy) and, if applicable, how this research will help make a critical contribution to your AB, BA, MA or PhD thesis.

·          For Humboldt: copy of Immatriculation Certificate

Deadline for application: January 10, 2015.

For Princeton students: submit application as a single PDF File (except letter of recommendation, to be emailed directly) to with Subject line: EUROFORT


Congratulations to EUROFORT research fellow William Beacom '15 who became the 2015 Sachs Global Scholar!


The Center for Russian and East European Studies (REES), the European Union Center of Excellence/European Studies Center (EUCE/ESC), and the International Business Center (IBC) at the University of Pittsburgh are once again sponsoring the Europe: East and West Undergraduate Research Symposium. The event will be held this year on Friday, March 27, 2015. Modeled after traditional academic conferences, students will present their research papers on Western and Eastern Europe, including Russia, at the symposium to discussants and an audience.


If you wrote a Europe or Russia related paper this fall, or plan on writing one for a class next spring, we encourage you to submit your paper for consideration.


The deadline to submit an application, with a 250-300 word abstract, is Tuesday, January 20th. More information and the application can be found at  If you have questions about the symposium, please contact Gina Peirce at or (412) 648-2290.


Congratulations to Mianna Chen whose thesis "Protection in the Face of a Trade War: Influences and Decision-Making in the EU-China Solar Panel Anti-Dumping Case" won the 2014 EU Program Best Thesis Award!


The Princeton-Humboldt EUROFORT summer grants have been announced!

The recipients are William Beacom '15, Domagoj Babic '16, Zach Ogle '15, and Carolyn Yang '15 for the project on FDI policy in Europe and Yossi Harpaz for the project on EU identity. Congratulations!



The EU Program Undergraduate Fellows conduct interviews with our speakers. 

Here Leo Michel, Distinguished Research Fellow at the Institute for National Strategic Studies, is interviewed by Amanda Tuninetti '11 on the issue of European defense and security policy.


Funny news about the EU you might have missed...


The European Union Program at Princeton sponsors events and activities at Princeton University relating to the European Union and European politics generally. These include lectures and seminars by outside speakers, course development, research conferences, policy analysis, public commentary, visiting fellows, student activities, and informational outreach.

The EU Program was founded in 2004 and has been affiliated with the Princeton Institute on International and Regional Studies since 2012. Additional funding comes from the Niehaus Center for Globalization and Governance at the Woodrow Wilson School. It welcomes opportunities for cooperation with other institutions inside and outside of Princeton University.