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Grigore Pop-Eleches

    Position: Permanent Princeton Faculty
    Title: Associate Professor of Politics and International Affairs, Woodrow Wilson School
    Office: 220 Bendheim Hall
    Phone: 609-258-8356

    Grigore Pop-Eleches' main research interests lie at the intersection between comparative and international political economy with a particular interest in Eastern Europe and Latin America. He has also worked on the rise of extremist and populist parties in recent post-communist elections, and on the role of historical legacies in East European regime change. He is currently finishing a book manuscript entitled From Crisis to Reform: The Politics of IMF Programs in Latin America and Eastern Europe. His work has also appeared in a variety of academic journals, including the Journal of Democracy, Studies in Comparative International Development, East European Politics and Society, and Comparative Political Studies. His research has been supported by grants from the National Council for Eurasian and East European Research, and the Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies. He is an associate editor of World Politics. Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley.