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ECO 372 / EPS 342

Topics in Country and Regional Economics - Economics of the European Union and Economies in Europe

Silvia Weyerbrock

This course studies the economies of current and prospective European Union (EU) members and economic integration in Europe after 1945. It explores the political motivation for, and the economic implications of, the European Union's moves towards ever deeper integration and enlargement. Topics include policy-making in the EU, adoption of common policies including European Monetary Union and the Euro and their implications for fiscal and labor market policies, problems raised by an EU enlargement to the East, and economic transition in EU applicant countries. The course uses economic analysis to study policy issues.

WWS 401

The Lands in Between

Mario Zucconi

This junior policy task force analyzes the countries that the EU tries to bring under its ENP umbrella while somehow stepping on Russia's toes. It discusses Russian and US-EU policies with the goal of bringing the students to suggest sensible solutions for an accommodation.

WWS 556g

US-EU Economic Relations and National Security

James Gadsden

Formidable commercial partners and fierce competitors, the US and the EU share strategic interests, but often differ over managing security challenges. This seminar examines US-EU strains over differences and prospects for enhancing our strategic partnership. Students will 1) study the EU decision making process, 2) assess US-EU economic and political cooperation on strategic challenges, including Iran, Afghanistan, and relations with Russia and the developing world; 3) review transatlantic trade disputes, their resolution, and governance of the transatlantic marketplace; 4) assess transatlantic energy security; and 6) analyze prospects for US-EU cooperation on global issues: climate change and countering terrorism and trafficking in persons, narcotics, and WMD.