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FCP Apple Purchases

FCP Apple computer orders are purchased through the Princeton MarketPlace Apple Web site. The Princeton MarketPlace is accessible through the Finance Purchasing's web site by going here

Ordering a FCP computer using the Princeton MarketPlace Apple Web Site

  1. Log on to the Faculty Computer Program Application and to confirm the Faculty member is on the FCP eligible list.
  2. Select the Apple logo for the Princeton MarketPlace Apple Webstore to see the ordering instructions or follow the ordering instructions below
  3. Click on the following link:   Princeton MarketPlace
  4. Log into Princeton MarketPlace using your netID and university password and select the Apple Store icon.
  5. Specify the FCP computer kit to order:
    • Scroll down to the Recommended for you section of the main Apple Store page
    • Choose the FCP computer kit to order by clicking the blue link.
    • Check box to select kit and click Add to Cart.
    • If you would like system upgrades, choose Configure link next to the Computer model name and then
    • Choose accessories, if applicable, then click on the Continue button.
  6. Review your proposal and if all is correct, click the Check Out button.  Make note of the Web Reference Number and click the Continue button.
  7. Select the Return to Procurement Application button to return to the Princeton MarketPlace.
  8. In the upper-right, under the Edit Account Information link, change the Account field value to 2940 (which routes your order to the appropriate FCP approval authority) and click the Update button. 
  9. In the Princeton MarketPlace Comments area, enter:
    • The faculty member's NetID and UAID
    • The Ship To address:
      • SCAD member's name and address or
      • OIT Desktop Support Address (171 Broadmead, Princeton, NJ  08540)

NOTE:  MIssing information could delay the processing of your order.

Once you have completed all of the above steps, click on the Submit For Approval button.

The order is routed to the FCP Administrator for approval. The base kit amount (price as it appears on the Apple Web site "Recommended Systems" main page) will be reinbursed to the xxx-2940 P/G account by the FCP System's Journal Vouchering process once FACCOMP the machine is setup per FCP requirements and the FCP Machine Information form is submitted.