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FCP Procurement in PRIME

FCP computer orders are purchased through the PRIME Financials Web site by punching out to Dell, Apple or, for Lenovo, the CDW-G sites. PRIME Financials is accessible through the Finance PRIME portal by going here.  PRIME Shoppers are not FCP Purchasers and should assign a cart with an FCP order to the department's Requisition Creator assigned the FCP Purchaser role.  Contact your department or program manager.

  1. The department, with eligible faculty who wish to participate in the FCP program, may order only the Faculty Computer Program (FCP) computer kits.
  2. The computer is to be ordered by staff in the faculty member's department or program.


FCP Computer Order Process

  1. Log on to the Faculty Computer Program Application to confirm the Faculty member is eligible and to view the maximum reimbursement amount for each FCP computer vendor.
  2. For complete PRIME procurement instructions go to
  3. FCP Specific Information for Requisition Creators
    1. Click on the "Requisition Settings" link
      The following information is required in the Requisition to generate all FCP Reimbursements
    2. Use Fund A0010 (Charge the total computer price to FCP Fund)
    3. Use Main main department number (as noted in FCP Application after selecting faculty member).
    4. Shipping Location
      1. If the SCAD will setup  FCP computer when it arrives:
        1. Enter the SCAD member's first and last name and Faculty member's UAID/PUID in the Requisition "Attn" field.
        2. SCAD member's  Location Code
      2. If OIT Desktop Support will setup the FCP computer when it arrives:
        1. FCP Purchaser's first and last name and  Faculty member's UAID/PUIID in the Requisition "Attn" field.
        2. OIT Desktop Support Location Code OIT01 ( 171 Broadmead)


  1. Click on the Apple, Dell or, for Lenovo, CDW-G to view the FCP Computer kits
  2. Select one of the computer kit with FCP in the label
  3. Add only one (1) FCP computer kit to an order. Do not combine FCP orders. Do not combine an FCP order with non-FCP purchases.

FCP will reimburse  the vendor FCP maximum reimbursement amount or the total amount of the FCP order--whichever is less--to the department FCP chartstring ( xxxxx-A0010) by an automated process once the machine is setup, per FCP requirements, and once the FCP Machine Information form is received. The department is responsible for journaling any additional upgrade charges to a department or faculty chartstring.

Go to the FCP Application at to see each vendor's FCP maximum reimbursement amount.