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Frist Iconography

Princeton Icons

The campus center is home to an assortment of both customary and innovative Princeton iconography displays, which reflect the distinctive, yet ever-evolving personality of the University.

Amidst the stylized graffiti on the walls of the campus center, 41 quotations--by, for, and about Princeton and Princetonians--inspire and amuse the countless number of people who pass through Frist everyday.

Café Vivian Pictures
Each of the images decorating the walls of Café Vivian relates to some small aspect of Princeton University’s history. This sampling of 133 photographs, paintings, drawings, magazine covers, book jackets, posters, postcards, and scrapbook snippets represents a treasure trove of anecdotes that together depict the variety of the Princeton experience.


How To Use This Site
Each of the above mentioned pages allows you to navigate the site in sequence. The numerous interconnections between each icon, quote and picture also lend themselves to a thematic approach, so you may instead choose to navigate through the site via the links on the bottom of each "details" page.

If you would like to learn more about any subject discussed in this exhibit, please use the “Search” function of the Princeton University web page to locate additional sites on these topics. You may also wish to stop by Café Vivian and look through the Princetoniana Bookshelf, a collection of works related to the history of the University compiled by Bob Rodgers ’56 and the Princetoniana Committee, which anyone is free to peruse while enjoying the ambience of the café.

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