11. Reunion Quilts


Two quilts consisting of materials taken from alumni reunion apparel are hung on both sides of the stairwell leading from the main 100-level to the A-level food gallery in the Frist Campus Center. The Class of 1965 Reunion Quilt contains reunion jacket fabric from each Princeton class between 1932 and 1973, as well as the University Band jacket. Created by Jerri Best in the spring of 1999, this quilt is owned by Van Zandt Williams, Jr. ’65, who served as Princeton’s vice president for development for 22 years until his retirement in 2002. The other Reunions Jackets quilt was created for the Class of 1935 by a classmate’s widow, Sally Brown Patton, and includes fabric from 50 different classes between 1896 and 1958. Patton meticulously tracked the donors of each of the 78 patches; a chart displayed beneath this quilt identifies which alumnus, spouse or widow contributed the fabric used for each block. On the eight large inner patches, Patton stitched the image of several Princeton landmarks, including Blair Arch, Nassau Hall, and FitzRandolph Gate. Before being moved to Frist in the fall of 2003, Patton’s quilt had been displayed at the Alumni Council’s headquarters in Maclean House, while Williams’ quilt had been hung on a hallway wall in the second floor of Nassau Hall.

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