112. Alumni Reunions


The tradition of Princeton Alumni Reunions began soon after the Civil War, and by the 1890s, class reunions at Commencement time were fairly numerous.  After the University’s sesquicentennial in 1896, for which 2,000 alumni returned to participate in a torchlight parade, attendance at Reunions spiraled and the festivities grew more elaborate, involving official class costumes, hired entertainment, and a parade of returning graduates known as the “P-Rade.”  It became a custom for each class to have major reunions at five-year intervals following graduation, while always encouraging alumni to return for “off-year” celebrations.  By the 1950s, campus headquarters and sleeping quarters were provided for the major reunions from the 5th to 65th.  Today, Princeton Reunions is an affair unmatched in the world; in 2003, more than 17,000 alumni, families and friends returned to the University for the three-day extravaganza of orange and black.  In this picture, members of the class of 1911 cheer a classmate’s exuberant flip during Reunions. 

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