117. “Coed Week” Snowball Fight


In February 1968, as the Princeton administration and trustees considered the future implementation of coeducation, a student committee organized to bring women to the campus for an experiment called “Coed Week.”  Eight hundred “coeds” from 30 colleges were selected from a pool of 2,500 applicants to partake in Princeton’s academic and social offerings.  Many students vacated their rooms for the week so the women could stay in dorms, where the bathrooms were equipped with flowered toilet paper.  This picture shows an impromptu snowball fight with the “coeds.”  Though some felt the week was only a large-scale mixer party, many students expressed whole-hearted approval for full-scale coeducation in the immediate future.  One year later, in April 1969, the trustees voted 24-8 to make the formerly male bastion of Princeton a coeducational institution.