94. Louis Massiah and the Princeton Atelier


The Princeton Atelier has brought many renowned creative artists to the University to conduct one semester seminars for undergraduates.  In 1997, independent documentary filmmaker Louis Massiah and fellow guest artists Charlene Gilbert and Carlton Jones collaborated with students, including Gretchen Einster ’97 (shown here holding the microphone), to produce two documentaries that were shown at Philadelphia’s public television documentary film festival.  Massiah is the founder and executive director of the Scribe Video Center in Philadelphia, a media arts organization providing low-cost workshops and access to equipment for emerging filmmakers and community groups, whose work largely concerns issues facing urban communities.  Massiah has produced, directed, and/or written several award-winning documentaries including W.E.B. DuBois – A Biography in Four Voices and an oral history portrait of the political activist and Harlem Renaissance cultural worker Louise Patterson.  His films have been shown in festivals and museums around the world to great acclaim, and he is the recipient of such honors as several Emmy award nominations, two Rockefeller Intercultural Fellowships, and a MacArthur Fellowship. 

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