98. Harold Shapiro


Harold Shapiro *64 became Princeton’s eighteenth president in 1988 after serving 24 years as a professor of economics and public policy at the University of Michigan, including 8 years as its president.  In his 13 years of service to Princeton, Shapiro helped create the Center for Human Values and new institutes in both materials science and the environment.  He also presided over the University’s rededication “in the Nation’s Service, and the Service of All Nations” during the 250th anniversary celebration in 1996.  Along with his administrative duties, Shapiro taught sections of Economics 101 and led several freshmen seminars on the history of higher education.  In addition, he served on President Bush’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology from 1990 to 1992, then as President Clinton’s appointed chairman of the National Bioethics Advisory Commission in 1996.  He is pictured here wearing a Princeton Band jacket at the October 22, 1994 football game against Harvard, during which the band celebrated its 75th anniversary; sitting behind him is his wife Vivian, for whom the Frist Campus Center Café is named. 

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