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Integrated Science is a revolutionary new introductory science curriculum developed at Princeton, intended for students considering a career in science. By breaking down traditional disciplinary barriers, a series of courses taken in the freshman and sophomore years provides students with first-rate preparation for a major in any of the core scientific disciplines, and in such a way that helps retain the connections to the other disciplines. The curriculum is founded on the expectation that much of the most important science of the future, though based on the classical disciplines, will lie in areas that span two or more of them.

“Any budding researcher needs a foundation in several fields to be able to work on the most important problems confronting scientists today…”
— David Botstein, Director, Lewis-Sigler Institute for Integrative Genomics

Undergraduate - Integrated Science
Undergraduate programs affiliated with the Institute

The graduate program in Quantitative and Computational Biology

Other Interdisciplinary Programs


       Computer Science

       Molecular Biophysics