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Departmental Purchases

Departments make computer purchases directly through University Financials (for Apple and IBM purchases) or through the Dell Premier Page (for Dell). A select group of recommended bundles is available for departmental ordering. In addition, specific Dell computers, conforming to the standards defined by the Desktop Systems Council (DeSC), are set-up in the Dell Premier Page. The purchase site for Dell requires a Dell Premiere Log In. See Dell Premier Support to begin. When you initiate your order with the computer vendor you must also submit a form that requests Hardware Support to contact you to schedule the installation and set-up of your new computer using the Hardware Installation Service Request Form.

Faculty and Staff Personal Purchases

Computers for personal purchase are not offered through the University. However, individuals are encouraged to consider Dell and Apple for personal acquisition and to use the University's current standards as a suggested guide. For University personalized portals to these vendors, follow these links to Dell Apple , and IBM .


See Doreen Sullivan in Room 111. 258-5184
Please see Doreen to set-up your computer on the host database. She has a sign-up sheet on her desk if she is not in her office.


How to print to a local or networked printer from your computer if you use:

Windows 7

1. Log in as the Administrator
2. From the Star menu, go to Devices & Printers on the right pane.
3. Click Add a printer from the top of the window.
4. Click Add a local printer
5. Click Create a new port. Type of port select Standard TCP/IP Port.
6. Enter printer name from the grid above.
7. Select driver. If the driver is not listed click Windows Update. This will take a few minutes to load. Select driver. Click Next
8. Change the name of the driver to the name of the printer you selected. Click Next
9. Click Print a test page. Click Finish.

How to print to a local or networked printer from your computer if you use:


1. Go to System Preferences → Print & Scan
2. Click the + below the list of printers. Click IP Printers to select the entry screen pop-up window.
3. Select IPP if it is not the default for Protocol and then use Geo-PrinterQue:631 in the Address.
4. in the Queue line enter printers/printer_mac. The name of the printer (below)_mac.

5. Change the Name: to the name of the printer you are setting up. Generic PostScript Printer driver works fine but you may change it to reflect the model in the chart below.

How to print to a local or networked printer if you use:

Windows XP & Vista

1. Login as administrator
2. Go to Control Panel →Printers/Faxes
3. Select Add a Printer under Printer Tasks on left side of window. This launches the Add Printer Wizard.
4. Click Next.
5. Select “Local printer attached to this computer”
6. Uncheck “Automatically detect and install my Plug and Play Printer”.
7. Select Create a new port.
8. Set Type of Port to Standard TCP/IP port. Click Next.
9. Enter Printer name from the table above
10. Confirm name is correct. Click Next, then Finish.
11. If your computer does not have the correct driver it will default to Generic Network Card. Click Next
12. Install Printer Software will allow you to choose a printer driver if you have the install. When done with your selection click Next.
13. Click Finish. Printer should now print a test page out. Check to make sure that the test page has printed. If so, click OK.

Printers for Department Use

Type Printer Hostname Room Model
Color Azurite 109 Xerox ColorQube 8870dn
Color DappleGray m55 Xerox Paser 6280dn
Color Eurydice 177 Xerox ColorQube 8570dn
Color Footy 212 Xerox ColorQube 8570dn
Color Parrotfish A15 Xerox ColorQube 8570dn
Color Tourettes 308a Xerox Phaser 8550dp
Color Turquoise 153a Xerox ColorQube 8570dn
Black & White Flintstone 178 HP LaserJet 400dne
Black & White Graphite 109 Xerox Phaser 4510
Black & White Homestar 211

HP LaserJet 2300

Black & White Shale B93 HP LaserJet2420
Black & White Zircon A55 Dell Laser Printer 2350dn



Once you have a University netID, you should receive your initial password in a sealed envelope. Go to OIT activation page click here.

OIT HELP DESK (Office of Information Technology)

Dial 258-HELP and choose from the menu. Help is available for all University Computer and Business Applications; PeopleSoft, ListServ and Telephone/Directory issues.

SCAD HELP (Support for Computing in Academic Departments)

Computer registration, hardware and software support for Geosciences.

Doreen Sullivan , IT Team Manager, Geosciences. Room 111

Georgette Chalker, Webmaster/Communications Manager, Geosciences.  Room 114 for assistance with web development

Additional IT Resources


OIT Software Sales offers excellent prices for departmental and personal purchases of software to University faculty, staff, and students. The University is authorized to purchase from many manufacturers. Princeton students, faculty and staff are eligible to purchase using their netID to access the OIT Online Store.

Campus Software Pick-up Location
OIT Store
113 Frist Campus Center

Software Licensing Please read carefully. Rules are very different for staff and students.


The Surplus Open House is open every Tuesday from 9am - 12 Noon for departmental transactions and 11am - 12 Noon for employee purchases. The Surplus Open House is also open on Wednesday's from 10am - 2:30pm for departments/general public transactions. For more information refer to the website.

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