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Sheryl Robas 258-6144


Gary Mykietyn, Supervisor, Building Services (22 Guyot Hall)  258-2975


Eva Groves (Morel Conference Room 156) 258-2390


Fire Safety Regulations


Inspections are done by Joan Hutzly of EHS 258-6251. Call maintenance 258-8723 if your fume hood stops working.


AIRGAS East is the main supplier of Laboratory Gas Cylinders. Please be sure to clearly mark all empties and ask that empties be picked up when you order new cylinders. (See Purchasing Section for ordering information).

Gas deliveries are usually next day on most orders unless told otherwise by the vendor. All gases are delivered to the gas shed, by the dumpster area, normally before 12 noon next day, your advisor should have a key for this shed.

Please make sure you give all paperwork, which will be attached to your gas cylinder, to the Faculty Assistant for your group. It is your responsibility to retrieve your order from the gas shed.


This is the website which explains in detail how to dispose of all chemical and hazardous materials.


Please call 8-4123 or email Bob Koenigsmark to schedule a work order for any needed building repairs. In an emergency call Customer Service at 8-8000 and they will contact the appropriate people. Building Maintenance Supervisor Contact: Michael Morris 258-3723.


Surplus website

Please contact Doreen Sullivan for disposal of all computers and computer related items.

Please contact Bob Koenigsmark with all surplus equipment i.e. furniture, refrigerators, pumps, etc. All items should be clearly marked SURPLUS with a name to contact in case there is a question. All other items that are to be picked up by the Janitors should be left either inside the lab in plain sight or in the hallway with signage stating TRASH and they will be picked up the following day if not the same day. Please do not use the hallways as a repository for disposable items with no signage attached


Van Certification :
DFR, Department Fleet Representative – Bob Koenigsmark.

  • EVERYONE must be van certified before driving Princeton University vehicles or leased vehicles for University Business, (Students, Postdocs, Staff and Faculty).
  • Undergraduate students must take the on-line test, which can be found on the website at:
  • Undergraduate students, after passing this on-line test, must then complete the behind the wheel test with Public Safety. Please make appointment with Public Safety for this road test and inform the DFR, Department Fleet Representative - Bob Koenigsmark that you have past this road test with Public Safety.
  • Undergraduates after completion of the road and passing the on-line test and Graduate students after passing the on-line test, you must then complete the DHQ form, Driver History Questionnaire, make a copy of your driver’s license and this DHQ form and place both in the mail slot for Bob Koenigsmark,    DO NOT SEND THIS INFORMATION TO RISK MANAGEMENT; HE WILL DO THIS FOR YOU AFTER MAKING COPIES FOR DEPARTMENTS RECORDS.
  • Anyone in our department who is van certified and has a renewed license must complete a new DHQ form, make a copy of both the form and your new license and place this information in the mail slot for the DFR, Bob Koenigsmark.

Please note: undergraduates may drive both the minivan and the 12 passenger van - THEY ARE PROHIBITED FROM DRIVING OR BEING A PASSENGER IN THE 15 PASSENGER VAN- (This is University Policy part of Risk Management guide lines).

See website and links below.


Van Sign –Out Schedule and keys are located in copy room 109. Please note the following guidelines. If you have any questions, please contact Bob Koenigsmark 258-4123


  • Keys for all vehicles are kept in the lock box in the Copier Room 109.
  • When requesting to use department vehicles please sign out the vehicle utilizing the AT-A-GLANCE calendar located below the key lock box in the Copier Room 109.
  • Write on the date needed your name, vehicle key tag number, time you will pick this vehicle up and the time you will return this vehicle.
  • When you come to pick up the keys for the vehicle please make sure you take a blue VAN USAGE SHEET, complete the form and place back in Bob Koenigsmark’s mail slot.
  • On this VAN USAGE SHEET it explains how to use the gas pumps at MacMillan Building where the pumps are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • When re-filling the vehicle with gas please round off the mileage reading on the odometer to the nearest tenth-DO NOT PUT ANY TENTHS ON THE PUMP SCREEN, WHOLE NUMBERS ONLY!
  • If for any reason you cancel a request please make sure you cross this vehicle information off the calendar as soon as possible in case someone else is looking to use this vehicle.
  • Our department minivan is parked behind Guyot Hall by the dumpster area under the signage that says, “RESERVED PARKING FOR GEOSCIENCES VAN”. Please make sure this vehicle is returned to this area after being used.
  • When you return the minivan and someone else is parked in our reserved slot, please notify Public Safety 8-1000 so they can ticket this unknown vehicle. Park alongside the West entrance to Guyot Hall in a parking spot. Put a note with the keys saying where this vehicle is parked. PLEASE MAKE EVERY ATTEMPT TO PARK THIS VAN BACK WHERE IT BELONGS EVEN IF YOU NEED TO CHECK ON THE PARKING AREA LATER IN THE DAY.
  • The 12 passenger and 15 passenger vans are parked out in Lot #20 in the left corner as to walk down the stairs and into this lot. Please make sure these vans are returned to the marked slots.
  • When you return a vehicle to Lot #20 and someone else is parked in our designated slot please notify Public Safety, 8-1000, so that this vehicle can be ticketed. Please park our vehicle as close as possible in Lot #20 to this designated area. Put a note with the keys saying where it is parked and return the keys to the lock box in Room 109. (The vehicle needs to be parked somewhere in Lot #20 not up by the Guyot Hall building).
  • As a reminder please make sure that our vehicles are returned with a ½ tank of gas or more, never below a ½ tank.

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