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Blackboard provides a powerful and easy-to-use tool suite for instructors to build and manage virtual classrooms – without programming HTML.

Whether you are a faculty member, AI, or departmental support staff, you can build an online learning environment for any subject – from Medieval Literature to Quantum Physics. Instructors and students can access Blackboard sites anytime, anywhere, and from any Web browser.


The Faculty Computer Program refreshes the desktop technology of full and associate professors and other select members of the faculty (such as research scholars and senior research scholars). The refresh cycle is a new computer every four years. OIT maintains the historical data regarding eligible facutly and computer purchases.  Click here for application form.


Prospect House is the Faculty / Staff Dining Room. The Tap Room (downstairs) Link to Daily Menu . Upstairs in the Garden Room (Link to Garden Room Menu) reservations are required. Payment is by ID card/Dining Points or Credit Card. No tipping allowed. Phone for reservations 258-3455 or e-mail


Through this secured site you will be able to display and view pictures of Princeton University’s current academic officers and faculty members.


  • Absence
  • Direct Deposit Click here to complete the form required for direct deposit of your paycheck. Into your designated checking or savings account.
  • Learned Society Travel benefits will provide reimbursement of transportation and hotel expenses for regular (i.e. non-visiting) full-time faculty members, as well as emeritus faculty, for conferences or learned society meetings (held within or outside the United States) who are delivering a paper at a meeting, chairing a session, participating as an invited discussant in a session, or otherwise involved as an officer.
  • Annual Departmental Review Form (PDF)
  • Sabbatical


The program is available to all University employees who work at least half-time. Rental housing allocation is based on the Rental Housing Eligibility Policy which gives the highest priority to teaching faculty, senior research staff, and senior administrative staff, then progresses through each subsequent category as availability allows.


In addition to being your official University ID, the TigerCard is also used to access your meal plan, enter the Library stacks and borrow books, buy food or photocopying services, and gain admittance to campus buildings and high security areas.
Use this link to deposit funds online using your credit card.

Please note that all broadcast media coming to campus must receive advance clearance from our office to allow us to work with public safety, the parking office and other offices on campus that may need to be notified. We must do this to ensure that there is no delay in access and that the interview proceeds smoothly. After agreeing to an on-campus interview, faculty or their representative must contact our office.

Please contact media officer Emily Aronson, either after agreeing to an interview, or with assistance declining one.

We also want to remind faculty that the presence of a satellite uplink studio in Robertson Hall means they do not need to travel away from campus for television studio interviews. To book studio space, email TV Studio.

Also, for radio broadcasts, the ISDN studio remains available by contacting Liz Patten.


Faculty Courseware Center
Location: 114 Frist Campus Center
Hours: Monday - Friday, 9 AM - 5 PM, by appointment only
Phone: 258-0737
Email: Blackboard

New Media Center
Film, Video and Digital Media. Overnight Digital Camera sign-out, Event Simulcasting, Videotaping and much more. Free assistance to staff, faculty and students who would like to enhance their academic projects.

The New Media Center is in room 130 in the new Peter B. Lewis Science Library. To schedule an appointment for a consultation or other services, please contact us at 609-258-6073.


Each Professor in the Geosciences department has their own web page with detailed information about their research and group members. Faculty assistants are responsible for updating these sites.

Michael Bender Geochemistry

Thomas S. Duffy Mineral Physics

Lincoln Hollister Petrology

Jessica Irving Geophysics, Geodynamics and Tectonics

Gerta Keller Paleontology

Adam Maloof Geology

David Medvigy Climate and Terrestrial Biosphere

François M. M. Morel Geochemistry

Satish Myneni Molecular Geochemistry

Tullis C. Onstott Geomicrobiology

Michael Oppenheimer Geosciences and International Affairs

S. George H. Philander Geosciences/Meteorology

Allan Rubin Structural Geology

Jorge Sarmiento Biogeochemistry

Daniel Sigman Geochemistry

Frederik Simons Geophysics

Gregory van der Vink Visiting

Bess Ward Geosciences/ Biological Oceanography

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