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See Department Manager Debbie Fahey

Departmental Credit Card Program Link

University Contact: Joe Lane

PNC Visa Card Works link


Geosciences' main supplier is AIRGAS EAST. 1(800) 750-4427 . Please remember to add the one time upfront cylinder rental fee of $12/ per cylinder and $35/ per dewar as well as the Hazmat delivery fee of $7 to the Purchase Order.

Liquid Nitrogen Dewars may be refilled in the receiving area of MoBio for $27/each. You must fill out a blue form available on the ledge in front of the MoBio Stockroom with the account number to be billed. Secure the form to the dewar and bring the dewar to the Mo Bio loading dock area allowing 24 hours for the refilling. Contact: Mary Zikos 258-4095.


Make your purchases directly on Princeton Marketplace. You will receive most items the next business day. Contact: Mary Erickson 258-3400


Princeton University’s e-commerce purchasing portal serves as a single portal for all e-commerce. You must be an authorized buyer to access this site. (Login and password are needed – links to application PDF’s below). Please use the Princeton MarketPlace whenever possible, since it expedites the purchasing process and eliminates the need for paper invoices. University contact: Brian Rounsavill 258-3402.

See PRINCETON MARKETPLACE website for direct purchasing with the following vendors.

  • OfficeMax - Office Supplies
  • ThermoFisher Scientific - Lab Supplies
  • VWR - Lab Supplies
  • Dell - Computers
  • Apple - Computers
  • CDW-G - Computer Peripherals
  • Sigma Aldrich - Chemicals
  • Newark-in-One - Electronics
  • Grainger - MRO Supplies

See website for updates on participating vendors PRINCETON MARKETPLACE links to 2 PDF forms – applications also links to the following:

  • B & H Photo - Photographic Equipment/Supplies (integrated punch-out to come soon)
  • DHL - Delivery Service (link only - separate log-in required)
  • UPS - Delivery Service (link only - separate log-in required)
  • FedEx - Delivery Service (link only - separate log-in required)
  • Enterprise - Vehicle Rental (link only - separate log-in required)
  • University's Travel Program (link only - separate log-in required)
  • PeopleSoft (link only - separate log-in required)


Princeton University’s PeopleSoft Campus Community, Human Resources and Student Administration Systems. You must be trained and documented.

Home page:

If you need assistance when placing Purchase Orders contact: HELP DESK, 258-4357 Option 3

Common account codes

  • 220 Materials and Supplies
  • 221 Books, Period, Subscrip., Music
  • 230 Prof. Fees, Consult, Honorarium
  • 233 Printing, Publish, Reprints, etc.
  • 234 Maintenance & Repair Service
  • 286 Special Purpose Equipment (over $2,500.00)
  • 311 Moving & Relocation (new postdocs)
  • 320 Equip. between $500-2,500.
  • 271 Food/Entertaiment – event at PU
  • 275 Travel-Domestic and Conferences/mtg.
  • 276 Travel – Foreign and Conf/mtgs.


See Faculty Assistant from your Research Group to place purchase orders. You must be trained and approved to be a Peoplesoft Buyer.

  • Morel /Sigman /Onstott Labs and Medvigy /Fueglistaler /Sarmiento: Eva Groves (Room 153a) 258-2390
  • Maloof/ Keller/ Rubin/ Simons/ Schoene: Nicole Leszczuk (Room 113) 258-1589
  • Student Related and Hollister/ Phinney/ Philander/ Bender/ McQuarrie / Myneni and Van der Vink:  Sheryl Robas (Room 110) 258-6144
  • Administrative and Tromp/  Duffy: Mary Rose Russo (Room 113) 258-4101
  • Ward Lab: Danielle Schmitt (Room M-179) 258-7015

When purchasing high priced instruments (over $5000) you must fill out a sole source justification form.


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