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  • Avis A496000 1(800) 331-1212
  • Hertz 057394 ($27/day additional charge if you are a driver under 25 years old)
  • Enterprise (recommended for students 25 and under)

Special Note Regarding Rental Vehicle Insurance: The Office of Risk Management has contracted for rental rates with participating Avis and Hertz agencies to include $25,000 in insurance coverage for automobile liability and physical damage coverage in excess of $3000. At the time of rental, renters should verify that insurance is included in the rental agreement at no additional charge. The Avis Corporate Number is A496000; Hertz is 057394. If rental from Avis or Hertz is not practical or possible, faculty and staff should decline all insurance coverages offered by other rental agencies. University auto insurance will be primary. Costs for rental insurance will not be approved or reimbursed.

For questions contact the Princeton University Office of Risk Management at (609) 258-3046.

Truck Rentals: Penske 1(800) GO-PENSKE, Budget 1(800)-972-3414, Avis 1(800) 331-1212


See your faculty assistant for cash advances. Conference registration, airline tickets, and hotel reservations may be made in advance of your travel and paid for by University. You must submit a travel voucher with receipts reconciling cash advances within 90 days of returning in order to avoid being taxed as income.


$36/day per diem

$46/day per diem (see Table for list of more expensive destinations)

Incidental expenses include tips and transportation to/from places where meals are taken. The mileage reimbursement rate is 58.5 cents per mile (effective 7/1/2008).

Original receipts including boarding passes are required for reimbursement.


Foreign Travel Perdiem by Country. When traveling in foreign cities, travelers may elect to use per diems for meals and incidentals only. Current rates are available at the following web site - Travel Accounting will only accept rates documented from this site, and will not try to compare rates from other sources. The traveler must document that any per diem claimed for meals and incidentals is from this site, by attaching a printed copy to the original Business Travel Expense Report. Foreign currency must be converted to USD. Please use the website.

Foreign travel requires pre-approval when using federally funded sponsored research funds. You or your advisor must provide the following information to be forwarded to ORPA by the Business Manager at least 30 days prior to your departure.

  • Name of individual Traveler
  • Dates of Travel
  • Event Location
  • Reason for Participation (include paper title if applicable)
  • Relevance to Sponsored Research Project
  • Total Cost (estimated) Airfare, Lodging and Conference Registration

You must comply with the Fly America Act which requires that U.S. Flagship carriers be used whenever possible. Click Here for more specific information.

Foreign Travel Checklist document is required to be attached to the voucher for reimbursement. Click here for a copy of the form.

Office of Visa Services (documents required for foreign travel)


Learned Society Travel benefits will provide reimbursement of transportation and hotel expenses for regular (i.e. non-visiting) full-time faculty members, as well as emeritus/a faculty, for conferences or learned society meetings (held within or outside the United States) who are delivering a paper at a meeting, chairing a session, participating as an invited discussant in a session, or otherwise involved as an officer. Learned Society Rules 

Please send the original signed (by the chair of the department) and a copy to the Office of the Dean of Faculty, attention: Sandy Johnson.


Fifth Avenue Limousine 1(800) 484-1013 (Access Code: 2429)
Contact: Roy Cannon

A-1 Limousine 1(800) 367-0070 or (609) 951-0070
Please see faculty assistant to make reservations.


In order to avoid cash advances being reported as income, please file your travel reimbursement within 10 days of returning from your trip.

Please keep all original receipts for out of pocket expense reimbursements. We cannot reimburse for taxes paid. Please take a tax-exempt form with you when you purchase items for University use. See your faculty assistant and fill out and sign the appropriate voucher for reimbursement.


Amtrak and New Jersey Transit operate trains along the Northeast Corridor rail line that stop at Princeton Junction. Travelers can then transfer to a single-car train operated by New Jersey Transit, known locally as the "Dinky," for the five-minute ride to Princeton Station. The station is located on University Place at the southern end of campus, across from the McCarter Theatre Center.

New Jersey Transit
NJT Home Page Train Schedules

Amtrak Home Page

Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority
SEPTA Home Page R1Airport PDF

Travelers to central Philadelphia have two options via SEPTA regional rail:

Take N.J. Transit to Trenton Station and switch to the SEPTA R7 train to Philadelphia; or drive to the West Trenton Station and take the SEPTA R3 train to Philadelphia. (Directions: Drive south on I-95 toward Pennsylvania. Take exit 2, and then follow Bear Tavern Road south to the station.)


Direct links to airlines, Princeton authorized travel agencies, hotels, ground transportation and much more.


Treasurer's Forms

  • Vendor/Honorarium Form (PDF)
  • Employee Voucher (PDF)
  • Employee Travel Form (PDF)
  • Non-Employee Travel Form (PDF)
  • Student Form (PDF)
  • Non-Princeton University Student Form (PDF)
  • II Form (PDF)
  • Deposit Form (PDF)

Travel and Accounting

Link to the Treasurers' home page

University Expense Policies and Procedures (PDF)

Travel Policies

Policies and procedures pertaining to all travel by Princeton University employees on University business, which will be charged to University or sponsored project/grants. University funds must not be used for any non-University travel, including personal travel and travel associated with outside consulting activities.

Moving Expenses

Policies for those moving into the Princeton Area from over 50 miles away.

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