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Solid Earth Brown Bag Series

Spring 2018

February 5


Zhu Mao, University of Science and Technology of China, "Minerals under Pressure: New Constraints on the Composition of the Earth's Lower Mantle"

February 16

Elizabeth Hajek, Penn State University, “The stratigraphic record of tectonic and climate events in dynamic landscapes”

February 23

Jessica Warren, University of Delaware, "Using the rock record to understand oceanic transform fault seismicity"

March 2

Melissa Sims, Stony Brook University, "Simulating Meteorite Impacts in the Diamond Anvil Cell"
March 9 Robert Skarbek, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, “Crystallization Pressure and Reaction-Induced Expansion and Compaction During Gypsum Formation: Experiments and Modelling”
March 16 Miki Nakajima, Carnegie Institution for Science, "Origin of the Earth, Moon, and Martian Moons"

March 30

Akshay Mehra and Wenbo Wu, Princeton University

Akshay Mehra: "Peering inside: using GIRI and machine learning to study samples with low density contrast" 

Wenbo Wu: "Seismic detection of the basalt-eclogite transition in the Pacific slab beneath northeastern Japan"

April 9


Yajing Liu, McGill University, "Stress rotation across the Cascadia megathrust and implications for a weak subduction plate boundary at seismogenic depths”

April 13 Tamara Pico, Harvard University, "The glaciation of North America: Insights from sea-level change and river evolution"
April 20

Marine Denolle, Harvard University, "Deciphering earthquake dynamics from broadband seismic radiation"

April 27 Ross Parnell-Turner, WHOI, "Depth-dependent seismicity on corrugated oceanic detachment faults" 
May 4 Ayla Pamukcu, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
June 15 Barbara Romanowicz, University of California at Berkeley,  College de France, IPG Paris "Fine scale structure at the base of the Earth's mantle: Of anisotropy and Ultra-Low-Velocity Zones"

All seminars are held on Friday at 12 noon in Guyot 220 unless otherwise noted.

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