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Solid Earth Brown Bag Series

Spring 2016

February 5

Mark Caddick, Virginia Tech, “Petrologic constraints on rates of orogenic processes,” Host: Schoene

February 12

February 19

Ted Daeschler, Drexel University, "Great Steps in the History of Life: The Origin of Limbed Vertebrates," Host: Maloof

February 26  

March 4

James Wray, Georgia Tech, Host: Simons

March 11

Aurélien Mordret, MIT, "Monitoring South-West Greenland's ice sheet melt with ambient seismic noise, "Host: Harig (abstract)

March 25

Paul Raterron, Lille University of Science & Technology, Host: Duffy

April 1 Lara Wagner, CIW, Host: Tromp
April 8 John Garver, Union College, "The importance of radiation damage in zircon in tectonic studies and health," Host: Schoene
April 15 Marco Merlini, Università degli Studi di Milano, "New candidate minerals and possible complex crystal chemistry of accessory phases in the Earth’s mantle," Host: Duffy
April 22

D. Sarah Stamps, Virginia Tech, "Dynamics of Lithosphere-Asthenosphere Interactions Along the East African Rift," Host: Irving

April 29 Pritwiraj Moulik, University of Maryland, “Signatures of chemical heterogeneity in the lowermost mantle from Full Spectrum Seismic Tomography,” Host: Irving

 May 6            

Paula Mateo, Princeton University, Host: Keller

All seminars are held on Friday at 12 noon in Guyot 220 unless otherwise noted.

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