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Solid Earth Brown Bag Series

Fall 2013

September 20 Vedran Lekic, University of Maryland, "Seismic constraints on the deformation of continental lithosphere," Host: Irving
September 27 Christopher Harig, Princeton University, "Changing Polar Ice in the Modern Climate"
October 4 Graduate Retreat
October 11 Margarete Jadamec, Brown University, "A Perspective on Mantle Flow from Observationally Based 3D Subduction Modeling," Host: Simons
October 18 Claude Herzberg, Rutgers University, "Thermal and Tectonic History of the Earth: a Petrological Perspective," Host: Schoene
October 25 Elizabeth Day, MIT, Host: Irving, "Frequency dependent observations of the deep Earth: constraints on heterogeneity from mantle to core"
November 1 Break Week
November 8 Mainak Mookherjee, Cornell University, "The Deep Hydrosphere insights from Mineral Physics," Host: Duffy
November 15 Katherine Kelley, The University of Rhode Island, Host: Higgins
"Redox conditions of basaltic magmas and the Earth's interior"

November 22


Cécilia Cadio, Yale University, "Resolving the fine-scale density structure of oceanic lithosphere by the localization of geoid anomalies," Host: Simons