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Fall 2015

Solid Earth Brown Bag Series

Fall 2015

September 18

Peter James, LDEO, "The planet Mercury, as revealed by MESSENGER"

September 25

June Wicks, Princeton University, “Using lasers to study the building blocks of large rocky planets”

October 2

Steven Kidder, City College New York, “Constraining Crustal Stress and Rheology from Grain Size Piezometry”

October 9 Kristin Bergmann, Harvard/MIT, "Dynamics of the Ediacaran Carbon Cycle:  Insights from the Sultanate of Oman"

October 16

Bill Bottke, Southwest Research Institute, "Early Solar System Bombardment and Earth's Habitability"

October 23 Lucia Gualtieri, LDEO, “Normal mode and spectral-element modeling of seismic noise amplitude and propagation”
November 13 Pascal Audet, University of Ottawa, "Constraining megathrust fault properties using scattered teleseismic waves"
November 20

Carling Hay, Harvard University, “Fingerprinting the oceans: A probabilistic assessment of 20th century sea-level change."

December 4 Yingwei Fei, Carnegie Institution for Science, “Experimental constraints on the composition of the Earth’s core”

December 10
Special Seminar
Thursday, 12:30 p.m.                         

Ronald Cohen, CIW, "First-principles explorations of quantum effects from Earth's Core and the geodynamo to the lowermost mantle"