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Solid Earth Brown Bag Series

Fall 2011

9/16/2011 Laurent Montesi, University of Maryland, "Melt Extraction at Mid-Ocean Ridges: A Play in Three Acts," Hosts: Simons & Harig

Alain Plattner, Princeton University, "Near surface electrical resistivity tomography using an adaptive wavelet parameterization," Hosts: Simons & Lewis


Volker Michel, University of Siegen, Regularization of Tomographic Inverse Problems in Geophysics - a Mathematician's Point of View," Host: Simons


Przemyslaw Dera, University of Chicago, "Crystallography in Hades' kitchen. Mineral physics clues into light element presence in Earth's core." Host: Duffy


Brian Savage, University of Rhode Island, "Seismic constraints on the water flux delivered to the deep Earth by subduction," Host: Tromp


Robert Kopp, Rutgers University, "Searching for the fingerprints of past and future sea level change amid uncertainty." Host: Lewis


Shin-Chan Han, Goddard Space Flight Center, "Observations of time-variable gravity field from space and application to the recent great earthquakes" Hosts: Simons & Harig

 11/18/2011 William McDonough, University of Maryland, "Geoneutrinos and heat production in the Earth: constraints and implications," Host: Schoene


Suniti Karunatillake, Rider University, "Counting sand grains locally and seeking hydrous sulfates globally on Mars," Host: Onstott


Bjorn Birnir, University of California, Santa Barbara, "Nonlinear Friction Laws in Earthquake Simulations," Host: Shravan Hanasoge


*Unless noted, all seminars are held on Friday at 12 noon in Guyot 220.


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