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Solid Earth Brown Bag Series

Spring 2013

2/15 Olga Sergienko, GFDL, NOAA, "Ice and Water"
2/22 Gregory Herman, NJ Geological Survey “Plate-tectonic actualism; far-field crustal strains stemming from large-bolide impacts"
3/1 Edwin Kite, Division of Geological and Planetary Sciences, California Institute of Technology, "Mars and the problem of planetary habitability" (abstract)
3/8 Karin Lydia Louzada, Royal Netherlands Embassy in Washington, DC, "Impacts and their effects on the magnetic properties of planetary crusts"
3/15 Wenlu Zhu, Department of Geology, University of Maryland, "Permeability of Partially Molten Peridotite: Constraints from Microtomography Experiments"
3/29 June Wicks, Caltech, "Iron-rich oxides at Earth's core-mantle boundary", Guyot 10
4/5 Matthew Fouch, Department of Terrestrial Magnetism, CIW, "Revising Paradigms of Plate Tectonics Using EarthScope"
4/19 Asa Rennermalm, Rutgers University, "The extreme Greenland ice sheet melt event of 2012: A perspective from the ground" abstract
 4/26  Eileen Evans, Harvard University, "Geodetic imaging of the 2011 great Tohoku earthquake with sparsity promoting methods"
 5/3 Gabriel Gwanmesia, Delaware State University, "Study of the Earth’s Interior using Sound Velocity Measurements at High Pressures and Temperatures in Conjunction with Synchrotron X-radiation"