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Solid Earth Brown Bag Seminar

Fall 2009

September 11

Javier Montoya, Carnegie Institution of Washington, "High Pressures Studies on Extended Phases of CO2"
Host:  Tom Duffy  (Abstract)

September 18

Sang-Heon Dan ShimMIT, "Mineralogical changes at the lowermost mantle"
Host:  Tom Duffy

September 25

Zhigang Peng, Georgia Institute of Technology, "Remote triggering of tremor and earthquakes"
Host:   Allan Rubin (Abstract)

September 30

12:30 p.m. -
Room 155

Qinya Liu, University of Toronto, "Adjoint Methods in Seismology: Theory & Applications"
Host:  Jeroen Tromp

October 2

Nadine McQuarrie, Princeton University, ""Himalayan mass balance: a Bhutan perspective"

October 9

Oliver Jagoutz, MIT, "Continental crust formation mechanism inferred from the Kohistan arc"
Host:  Nadine McQuarrie

October 16

Alison Malcolm, MIT, "Multiple Scattering and Salt Imaging"  Host:  Jeroen Tromp
October 23

Rossen Grebenitcharsky,  "An Application of Wavelets for Geoid Determination in Coastal Areas " Host:  Frederik Simons

Octobe 30

Ebru Bozdag,  Princeton University, "Assessing crustal corrections in surface wave tomography"  Host: Jeroen Tromp

November 6


November 20

Jun Korenaga, Yale University, " Scaling of plate tectonics and its implications for global water cycle"

Host:  Frederik Simons

November 27

Holiday Break

December 4

Blair Schoene, Princeton University,  "Calibrating deep time with high-precision; advances in U-Pb geochronology"

December 11

Ivan Koulakov,  Institute of Petroleum, Geology and Geophysics , Novosibirsk, Russia, OTOS code for local earthquake tomography. Examples of data processing and interpretations for different areas: Central Java, Toba Caldera (Sumatra), Vrancea (Romania), Central Andes, North Anatolian Fault (Turkey) and others

Host:  Tarje Nissen-Meyer

*Unless noted, all seminars are held on Friday at 12 noon in Guyot 220.


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