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Solid Earth Brown Bag Seminar

Fall 2010

September 17

Artem Oganov, Stony Brook University, "Discovering new minerals and new materials… on the computer,"  Host: Tom Duffy
September 24 Kaveh Pahlevan, Yale University,  "Chemical and Isotopic Consequences of the Moon-forming Giant Impact," Host: Kevin Lewis

October 1

Geoff Abers, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, "Wet slabs, cold noses and seismic images of slab surface," Host: Allan Rubin
October 8

Frederic Herman, ETH Zurich, "Quantifying the impact of tectonics and climate on erosion rates and topography from local to orogen scale" Host: Nadine McQuarrie

October 15

 Bruce Shaw, Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University, " Shake and Break:  Earthquake Physics and Fault Geometry", Host: Jeroen Tromp

October 22

 Jeff Andrews-Hanna, Colorado School of Mines, "The day Mars was made: How one impact shaped the Planet," Host: Frederik Simons

October 29

 Jessica Irving, University of Cambridge, "East versus West: Hemispherical structure in Earth's inner core," Host: Jeroen Tromp

November 12

 Aaron Martin, University of Maryland, " Active tectonics in the Himalaya of central Nepal" Host: Nadine McQuarrie

November 19

Jeroen Ritsema, University of Michigan, "Reconciling global and regional scale seismic models of Earth's lower mantle"Host: Frederik Simons

December 6

Monday 4 p.m.

Igor Morozov, Univ. of Saskatchewan," On the use of viscoelasticity and Q factor in seismology" (abstract)

December 10

11 a.m.

June Wicks, Caltech, "R ecreating the core-mantle boundary: a refurbished model of ultra-low velocity zones."