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Solid Earth Brown Bag Series

Spring 2014

January 31

Sonia Tikoo, MIT/Berkeley,"Decline of the lunar core dynamo"

February 7

Nicholas van der Elst, LDEO, "Earthquake triggering as a stress probe at fluid injection sites"

February 14

Rita Parai, Harvard University, "Noble gases in the deep Earth: Insights into the nature of the primitive mantle, terrestrial accretion and the formation of the Moon"

February 21 Jeremy Boyce, University of California, Los Angeles, "The Lunar Apatite Paradox"
February 28 Caroline Beghein, University of California, Los Angeles, "New constraints on mantle dynamics and oceanic plate formation from seismic anisotropy"
March 7 German Prieto, MIT, "Seismic Evidence for Thermal Shear Runaway During Intermediate-Depth Earthquake Rupture"(Abstract)
March 14

Natalya Gomez, New York University, "Sea Level - Ice Sheet Interactions" (image)

March 28 Melanie Barboni, Princeton University, "Short eruption window revealed by absolute crystal growth rates in granitic magma"
April 4

Russell Hewett, MIT, "PySIT and Seismic Inversion in the Imaging and Computing Group"

April 11

Jacqueline Austermann, Harvard University, "Paleo Sea Level on a complex and dynamic Earth"

April 18

Marc Laflamme, University of Toronto, "Extinction of the Ediacara biota"

April 25 Alain Plattner, Princeton University, "A close look at the magnetic field of the Martian south pole"
May 2 EGU Conference  
May 9

Margaret Boettcher, University of New Hampshire, "Earthquake Cycles on Mid-Ocean Ridge Transform Faults"

May 16

Caitlin Murphy, Carnegie Institution of Washington, "Exploring Earth's Core in a Diamond-Anvil Cell: Novel Investigations of the High-Pressure Physical Properties of Iron Materials"


*Unless noted, all seminars are held on Friday at 12 noon in Guyot 220.