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Solid Earth Brown Bag Seminar

Spring 2010

January 27

Wed. 4 p.m.

Anton Duchkov, Institute of Petroleum, Geology and Geophysics IPGG, Novosibirsk, Russia,"Imaging and reflection tomography in exploration seismology," Host: Tarje Nissen-Meyer, Abstract
February 5 AOS/GEO Retreat

February 12

John Eichelberger, USGS, "Of Dikes and Magma Chambers: The Great Katmai Eruption of 1912," Host: Linc Hollister, Abstract
February 19

Colleen Dalton, Boston University,  "Imaging the Mantle with Surface-Wave Amplitudes," Host: Frederik Simons

February 26
Cancelled - Rescheduled for September 17

Artem Oganov, Stony Brook, "Discovering new minerals and new materials… on the computer," Host: Tom Duffy

March 5

Samuel Adam Soule, WHOI, "With a bang or a whimper: are explosive volcanic eruptions possible in the deep ocean?" Host: Adam Maloof

March 12

Miaki Ishii, Harvard University, " Mysterious Earthquakes between 100 and 400 km Depth: Observations and Hypothesis," Host: Jeroen Tromp

March 19

Spring Break

March 26

Satish Singh, IPGP Paris, France, "Great Sumatran earthquakes and tsunami: Insight from recent marine studies," Host: Jeroen Tromp
April 2 Attreyee Ghosh, USC, "Elucidating lithosphere-mantle coupling"

April 9

Ben Holtzman, Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University, Host: Christina Morency

April 16

Brendan Meade, Harvard University, "Quantifying Fault System Complexity: Implications for the Dynamics of Continental Plate Boundaries," Host: Nadine McQuarrie

April 23

Thomas Ahrens, Caltech, "Advances in Shock Compression of Mantle Minerals and Molten Silicates and   Implications for Hadean Earth," Host: Tom Duffy (Abstract)

April 30

Earl Verbeek, Sterling Hill Mining Museum, "An overview of ongoing geological and mineralogical research in the Franklin - Sterling Hill area of Sussex County, New Jersey" Host: Chris Holl
May 7 David Rubin, USGS, "Grand Canyon's tides, waves, currents, and beaches, and the world's largest sediment-transport experiments," Host: Ryan Ewing
May 10

Christopher Harig, CIRES, "The effects of lithospheric thickness variations on the dynamics of the Earth's upper-mantle" Host: Frederik Simons

May 14
Matthieu Simon, Schlumberger,  “Introduction to Well Logging,” Princeton Technology Center, Host: Daniel Peter
June 18
12:30 p.m.

Yunfeng Liang, Kyoto University, Mechanisms for the negative thermal expansion and anomalous stiffness of β-Quartz, Host: Javier Montoya

*Unless noted, all seminars are held on Friday at 12 noon in Guyot 220.


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