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Environmental Geology & Geochemistry Seminar (EGGS) Lecture Series

Spring 2018


February 8

Zicheng Yu, "Peatlands in the Global Carbon Cycle: Past and Future", Lehigh University   abstract

February 15

Roseanne Ford, "Transport Phenomena of Chemotactic Microbes in Geological Media", University of Virginia  abstract

February 22

Ian Bourg, "Fundamental controls on the hydrology and mechanics of fine-grained soils and sedimentary rocks", Princeton University  abstract

March 1

Jonathan Nichols, "Big Peat and the Kiwis: How northern hemisphere peatlands may have obscured the upwelling of deep Southern Ocean carbon in the Holocene", Lamont-Doherty, Columbia  abstract

March 8

Kat Dawson, "Integrating geochemical and molecular biological tools to explore microbial metabolism", Rutgers University  abstract

March 15

Jim Russell, "Climate change and tropical mountain glaciers: a view from the geological past", Brown University  abstract

March 29

Yongsong Huang, "Novel analytical methods unlock hidden treasure troves of lacustrine and oceanic alkenones and greatly expand paleoclimate applications",  Brown University

April 5th

Samantha Bova, Rutgers University

April 12th

Colleen Hansel, WHOI

April 19

Elise Wilkes, Harvard

April 26

Kate Maher, Stanford University

May 3rd

Jack Middelburg, University of Utrecht

May 10

Paul Gauthier, Princeton University