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Environmental Geology & Geochemistry Seminar (EGGS) Lecture Series

Fall 2017

September 7

Mar­tin Kön­neke, MARUM, University of Bremen,"Carbon assimilation of ammonia-oxidizing archaea and their relevance to oceanic chemosynthesis" abstract

September 14

CANCELLED  Andrew Schuerger, University of Florida, "A Non-Biological UV/CH4 Linked Model for the Production of Methane in the Martian Atmosphere.”  abstract

September 21

Jesse Farmer, Princeton University, "Deep Atlantic Ocean carbon storage and the rise of 100,000-year glacial cycles"  abstract

September 28

Renxing Liang,  Princeton University, "Long-chain paraffin biodegradation and iron corrosion by a methanogenic consortium under sulfate-reducing conditions" abstract
Jessica Lueders-Dumont, Princeton University, "Validation of the nitrogen isotopic record in otoliths"  abstract

October 5

Reinhard Kozdon, LDEO Columbia, "Improving the veracity of paleoclimate records by imagery-correlated in situ analysis of foraminifera shells at the micron-scale"  abstract

October 10
Note: special time - 4:30pm

René Boiteau, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, "Revealing biological mechanisms of metal cycling in the ocean and soils"

October 12

Elena Zaikova, Georgetown University, "Cell survival and genomics of microbes in Antarctic paleolakes"  abstract

October 19

Geerat Vermeij "68", UC Davis, "Land and Sea:Contrasts in evolutionary history"  abstract

October 26

Shovonlal Roy, Reading University UK, "Beyond chlorophyll: Autotrophic carbon stocks and biodiversity from ocean colourabstract

November 9

Sarah Preheim, Johns Hopkins

November 16

Ludmilla Aristilde, Cornell University, "Critical Role of Carbohydrates in the Cycling of Water and Carbon in Soil Pores and Bacterial Cells: Molecular Insights"   abstract

November 30

Betul Kacar, University of Arizona, "Reconstructive biology as a window into historic biomolecular optima"  abstract

December 7

Benjamin Kocar, MIT