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Environmental Geology & Geochemistry Seminar (EGGS) Lecture Series

Fall 2015

September 24            

Anne Bernhard, Connecticut College, "Finding Waldo: Searching for Impacts of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill on Nitrifiers and Nitrification in Louisiana Salt Marshes" (abstract)

October 1

Xinning Zhang , Princeton University (Geosciences), "The importance of alternative nitrogenases in N2 fixation in the past and present"

October 8

Adam Subhas, Caltech, "New Insights Into Calcite Dissolution Kinetics in Seawater" (abstract)

October 15 Eli Moore, Rutgers University, "Biogeochemical Lipidomics: Discovering New Membrane Lipids and Their Functions" (abstract)
October 22 Patrick Hatcher, Old Dominion University, “Photochemistry can change perceptions of the impact of terrestrial carbon on global oceanic carbon and nitrogen cycles” (abstract)

October 29

Ale Hakala, U.S. Department of Energy, "Geochemical effects of hydraulic fracturing on Marcellus Shale" (abstract)

November 12

Erika Marín-Spiotta, University of Wisconsin-Madison, “Out of sight, out of mind? Lessons from paleosols on the response of deep soil carbon to environmental change” (abstract)

November 19

Deborah Steinberg, Virginia Institute of Marine Sciences, "Zooplankton and biogeochemical cycling in the changing ecosystem of the West Antarctic Peninsula" (abstract)


December 3

Oliver Baars, Princeton University (Geosciences), "Unveiling the diversity of bacterial trace-metal chelating agents in culture media and environmental samples"

 Seminars are on Thursdays at 12:30-1:30 in Guyot Hall Room 220 unless otherwise noted.  Please bring your own lunch, yet cookies and drinks will be provided.