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Environmental Geology & Geochemistry Seminar (EGGS) Lecture Series

Spring 2011

February 10

Patrick Rafter, Princeton University, "Tropical reign? A 1.2 million year record of eastern equatorial Pacific upwelling"
February 17 Samantha Joye, University of Georgia: "Soot, Slime and Blue Water: The fate of oil and gas from BP discharge in the offshore ocean environment."

February 24

John Higgins, Princeton University. "A guide to dating in Antarctica: Preliminary results from the Allan Hills blue ice area"

March 3

George Philander, Princeton University ""A Tropical Perspective on Ice Ages"

March 10

Amala Mahadevan, Boston University  "Eddies and the Spring Phytoplankton Bloom"

March 17


March 24

Ed Boyle, Massachusetts Institute of Technology  "Update on the Anthropogenic Lead Footprint on the Ocean: Temporal Variability in the North Atlantic and North Pacific; Global Coverage;  More Isotopes; and some Dramatic Regional Events"

March 31

Ryan Rykaczewski from GFDL.  "Projected nutrient enrichment of the California Current with increased water-column stratification".
April 7

Bonnie Chang, Princeton University, "Rates and pathways of marine fixed nitrogen loss"

April 14

3 p.m.

Katharine Hendry, WHOI, "Reconstructing Deep Water Nutrients Using Biogenic Opal"

April 21 Ajit Subramaniam, IDEO, " Margalef's Earlier Mandala: Another New Nitrogen Story"
April 28

David Kirchman, University of Delaware "The meaning of microbial diversity for biogeochemical processes in the oceans."